Man killed while walking on Zebra crossing


A yet to be identified man believed to be in his 60s has died after he was hit by a car at Toyota Malawi Zebra crossing in Maselema near Independence Arc in Blantyre.

The man was struck on a Zebra crossing

According to assistant police spokesperson for Limbe police station Widson Nhlane, the accident occurred on Tuesday and the deceased was pronounced dead upon arrival at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital after sustaining head injuries.

Nhlane said the deceased was crossing at Toyota Zebra crossing from left to right and when he was in the middle of the road he was hit by the lorry with the registration number CZ 3395.

“What happened is that the deceased was trying to cross at the zebra when a speeding vehicle hit him. He was taken to Queen Elizabeth Central hospital where he was pronounced dead due to head injuries,” said Nhlane.

The lorry, which was coming from Limbe going to Blantyre was being driven by Shaibu Chibwana aged 21. The driver is now in police custody and has been charged with causing death due to reckless driving which is contrary to section 126 of Traffic Act.

Meanwhile, the Police are informing the general public whose relative is missing to go and identify the dead body at Queen Elizabeth Central hospital mortuary or to report to Limbe police station.

The law enforcers have also urged drivers and road users to always observe the Zebra crossing.



  1. Driver amayenela kuchepetsa speed akamayandikila zebra cross ndiye kuti sanatsate malamulo chifukwa anayenera kuponda brake ndiye kuti zinavuta chifukwa cha over speeding anthu chomwe amadziwa ndichoti sangagundidwe ndi galimoto pa zebra crossing ngati pali zebra means busy area reduce speed

  2. Driver amayenela kuchepetsa speed akamayandikila zebra cross ndiye kuti sanatsate malamulo chifukwa anayenera kuponda brake ndiye kuti zinavuta chifukwa cha over speeding anthu chomwe amadziwa ndichoti sangagundidwe ndi galimoto pa zebra crossing ngati pali zebra means busy area reduce speed

  3. Nanuso oyenda paC osamangoti apa ndipa Zebra mpaka kumamanga zingweza sapato pa zebra mapetoakendizime ma Driver ena amakhalakuti aledzela Shootar + Ganja mmm Zebra amangowonagati white Line, RIP

  4. MHSRIP!!Komabe let’s be careful tikamadutsa pa zebra,crossing,regardless that a driver is suppose to stop,nthawi zina imakhala galimoto yabalalika,let’s first look careful,is the driver stopping??Moyo mngodula,let’s be careful!!RIP once again!!

  5. Si onse ma driver amene amadziwa zebra crossing,amaona ngati podusa ZEBRA nyama yakutchire mukuidziwa ija dats why saima malo amenewa nkumati since anayamba kuyenda pa nseu sanakumanepo ndiZebra akuwoloka malo amenewa,mpolowolokela anthu not th bush Zebra

  6. Sibwino kungolumpha podalira kuti ndi pa zebra.Nthawi zina driver amaona kuti munthu uja sanafike polumpha, musanaoloke yambani mwatsimikiza kuti mwaenera kutero ndipo driver wakuonani moenelera.Potero tizapewa.MOYO SAGULA.Galimototikapha sidyanso gyi.

  7. no matter what wapha munthu ameneyo akageba sizofunanso kufufuza apolisi ayi wagunda munthu pa pedestrian crossing wakumaula usankhe mwina ku chichirikkkk kapena kukasungu prison

  8. Trained inside the house drivers out of the window. This is the result, if u would ask the driver how he obtained it he ,/ she doesn’t even know!!!

  9. Malaisesi ogula amenewo kusukulu lamulo lilipo ngati munthu akuyenda pa zebra galimoto iyime ndinthu wina aliyense oyenda panseu apatsidwe ulemu

  10. Dyera Road Traffic muthetsa anthu ndi ma Driver ama License a pa zenerawa,RIP to the soul of ma Fr.

  11. Vuto kungachele aliyese angoti ndi driver,chonsecho malamulo apanseu sakuwadziwa sukulu anathawila pawindo akuwona mau zebra crossing amangoona ngati zokongolesela panseu ntchito sakuziziwa zavuta Kaye anthu otelowo amakhala ndi makani ngati ofulila akalulu.

  12. Kaya driving licence unagula kaya unachita kupitila Ku driving school koma ngati wagunda munthu akuoloka nsewu pa zebra crossing ndimulandu Waukulu ndithu. Zebra crossing is 100% designed for pedestrian to use when crossing the road so you my fellow drivers let’s take precautions. Zebra crossing sikuti ndiyokongoletsa nseu koma ndipoolokera nseu anthu oyenda pansi

  13. I grieve with the bereaved, i warn guys,the guy is gone and its now left to us to learn. There is this bad belief that when you first touch the zebra, the vehicles have to stop, that’s a myth guys. More of us will die if we believe in that. Mind you, there is aman born of fresh in that vehicle who is ready to make a mistake at anytime. Its a vehicle and it can’t just stop like a human being or it maybe that the driver is drunk and don’t mind road signs. We had better stop by the zebra and iam sure that drivers will see us from the zebras road side and if he is well trained, he will stop for us to cross. Don’t start crossing when the vehicle is still moving cos you don’t know what’s in his mind. He maybe in unnecessary hurry, or drunk or careless or druged or blakes out of older. Lets be responsible as pedestrians. We have a duty to protect our lives. Look now we are accusing the driver but still we have lost a human being, a father, brother, husband or a son to someone. I grieve

  14. I neither blame the driver nor the victim unless I hav the investigation results from the road traffic officers. It might happen that sometimes the victiim entered the road while vehicle has already drew close the zebra/pedestrian crossing or sometimes the driver did not take care about the zebra crossing togather with a man on it by not slowing down his car’s speed. Atrafiki tiuzen chen chen.

  15. Mumatiyalutsa kwabasi m’mene yakulira BT miseu zoona ikakhale ya ma stop sign,boma ntchito kubera alimi m’malo moti ndalama aziigwilitsa ntchito moyenelera ayi koma kutenga mafumu kumisonkhano ya united nations atsogoleri ake ndi mbuzi za anthu.

  16. madriver akumalawi mukuchosa miyoyo yochuluka chfukwa chosasamala, komaso anthufe tkamayenda musewu matama kumat driver akutiona kukanika kuthawa museu koma ikakhala mvula ndiye kuthawa kuopa kunyowa malo mowopa chthu chomwe chngakuchosele moyo.

  17. Drivers must be advised to observe the rules of driving and must also respect those who walk on foot on the road

  18. ma comment enawa hahaha kaya not only road sign post shud be regarded, that’s why they say when u r driving uziponyaso maso patali coz road mark have to be seen. simply the driver is unprofesional licence yogula iyi, so sad moyo wamunthu wapita apa

  19. People usually cross carelessly jux cz its a zebra crossing… Kuiwala kut de car z also being driven by a person..

  20. The problem with our drivers is that they dont respect pedestrians on zebra crossing,we have seen such situations many times and.its sad my prayers to the family

  21. Very unfortunate. Don’t think robots can be erected anywhere as others are saying. And again to say that some pedestrians do not take full responsibility when crossing the zebra crossing is unfortunate too. Zebra crossing was meant for pedestrians meaning the driver was supposed to stop at all cost. Why are you good pple becoming bad judges?

    1. Don’t forget before crossing u should always check to ur right, left & right again, if it’s clear then u cross, don’t always assume that the driver will stop, mudzafa imfa yowawa boss.

  22. When using the zebra crossing make sure you cross when all the vehicles stop moving. Otherwise you will also face bad incident. Pedestrians let’s take our full responsibility.

  23. Umbuliii Chani? Bambowo Amadziwatu Kuti Zebra Ndiyawapamsi Kupusa Kokhakokha Drivers Amafuna Tizithamanga Pamalo Athu Wicked Driver!

  24. am a driver. chomwe ndinapanga observe mu highway muja ndi choti. zikwangwani nzochepa. tho nseu uja ndiw bzy. zimakomera eni nzinda siife obwera. timapombonezeka. imajine ukavay jonz. ufind t easy drivin coz ma sign post awo ali mmwMba. my malawi

    1. However for the zebra crossing the marks are very clear in the high way and its surprising that somebody chose to run into a pedestrian. The driver must be an ignorant fellow who got his licence on sunday.

  25. these. zebra crossing are so old fashioned..why they don’t put robots to avoid these kind of problems? I think in today’s world most of us are used to robots, and sometimes we forget zebra crossing still exist…._Up your game Government!!

    1. Don’t fool your self even here in south africa you will find zebra cross koma kumalawiko kupepera too much uyiuze mbuli imzako yapha munthuyo ma zebra cross alipo all over the world

    2. Don’t fool your self even here in south africa you will find zebra cross koma kumalawiko kupepera too much uyiuze mbuli imzako yapha munthuyo ma zebra cross alipo all over the world

    3. Ngat Zebra Inatha Zili Mu Nsewu Zija Ndizichani? Osamayankhula Choncho Coz Mukamayendetsa Galimoto Mudzidziwa Kut Mumatsika Ndikuyenda.. Zebra Imathandiza Ngat Zikukubowa Choka Kumalawi Ndiwe Coz Kuno Ndikotsalira Tikuyenera Kumagwiritsa Ntchito Za Old Fashion Kumene

    4. Guys i have a feeling that sharif is an educated savage, none of the road signs expires even in America or Europe. And still his old mentality of blaming the government on anything. What was the government supposed to do in this case? Kumangodalira kuchitilidwa zinthu baxi? You too can help any government by providing civic education that will ensure cautions against our lives. We all have the duty to protect our lives answer exercise patience on the roads regardless of the road signs. Don’t always assume the vehicle will stop cos even with robots they can still knock you down. Wait for the vehicles to stop before you cross anywhere.

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    1. Tikunena licence yopitira ku driving school. Nanga kungogula coz waziwa kuyendetsa galimoto. Thats y ma driver amu kasungu safika mtown amabwerera pa kanengo

    2. Munthu ukapanga dongosolo lonse la license mavuto amachepako. Cos malamulo apa msewu umatha kuwadziwa Ndipo umatha udziwa ma sign onse omwe alembedwa pa chikwangwani. Am also adriver here in RSA by the way!

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