Nankhumwa warns chiefs against corruption


Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa has warned chiefs against being involved in corruption saying the vice negatively affects the country’s development.

Kondwani Nankhumwa

Nankhumwa: Issued the stern warning.

Nankhumwa made the remarks during the installation of two people as chiefs; Lloyd Clement as Traditional Authority Malemia the fifth and Burnington Edward Mlanga as Traditional Authority Kumtumanji the sixth.

The installation of the Traditional Authorities comes after more than ten years of chieftaincy wrangles that have been delaying the ceremonies because of court injunctions some royal family members obtained against those elected to replace the former chiefs.

In his remarks on behalf of the State President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, Nankhumwa warned the chiefs against taking advantage of government and nongovernmental initiatives towards the poor Malawians such as Public Works programmes, Social Cash Transfer, MASAF, and distribution of free food (maize) saying government will not tolerate any malpractices.

“I urge all chiefs in this country to avoid corruption and favouritism but instead focus on development activities in order to improve welfare of your subjects’’, said Nankhumwa.

He also emphasized the need for the chiefs in the country to work with the government saying traditional leaders are crucial to development.

“You are key to make sure that development activities are taking place in a sense that there is security; children are going to school especially girls and promotion of good governance,” he said.

Turning to the new chiefs, the Minister reminded them that they are government servants hence they should serve the local people honestly and with integrity.

The minister then thanked the royal families for their efforts in resolving the wrangles which were there for over ten years and coming up with one person to replace late TA Malemia and Kumtumanji respectively.

‘’My ministry is aware that Zomba is one of the districts which have many cases of chieftaincy wrangles. And here, I am pleased to thank the royal family members to understand each other with assistance from Zomba district council and come up with one representative as we are witnessing today,’’ continued Nankhumwa.

Speaking earlier at T/A Kuntumanji Headquarters during installation of the new TA Kuntumanji, Member of Parliament for Zomba Nsondole Aboo Naliwa thanked government for considering the long vacant Chief Kuntumanji since people have been in need of Traditional Authority for a long time to represent them at the district council.

In her speech on behalf of the Royal family, Group Village Headwoman Kumbwani gave a back ground history of TA Kuntumanji chieftaincy from 30th Century.

She said they originated from Mozambique and stayed at Chilunga and Likangala in the area of Traditional Authority Mwambo before settling at Sakata area now Kuntumanji.

The Installation of two TAs brings a total of five active Traditional Authorities which include Mlumbe Chikowi and Mbiza and other four Sub TAs.

The Minister promised to install the remaining TA Mwambo and Nkagula before December this year.

The installation ceremonies of the two TAs attracted many people including Zomba City Council Officials, Chiefs, Parliamentarians, Councillors and District Council Officials.



  1. yu can not warn sb of corruption wen yu are the trader in corruption………in fact corruption has its on bed route in this case the government is,,,,,,,,,,,,so mr nankhumwa….thumbs down

  2. Uyambe wachotsa chitsotso chili m’maso mwako iwe nankhumwa,usadachotse chamafumu.Usadzaneneso fundoless zakozo ufumungwakumtundu osalowelela zaeni.

  3. Nankhumwa you are funny! you are warning chiefs about what? you mean you are entittled to corrupt not chiefs?.you think we are the fools no so? shame on you honourable!

  4. you mr.nankhumwa,ziphuphu za mafumu zimakhala mbuzi ndi nkhuku,iwe ndi anzako ziphuphu zanu ndi ma million ndi ma billion,oyamba kuchenjezedwa ndiweyo ndi anzakowo

  5. Why warning chiefs only? what about you and your fellow ministers? are you entitled to corrupt, steal or vandalize tax money?

  6. mafumu analiko dpp isanabadwe akhanakhala a corruption ngati dpp bwenzi. Malawi kulibe,choncho. nkoyenera kuti mafumuwo ndiwo azichenjeza Nankhumwayo. pamodzi ndi dpp yake pa nkhani. ya corruption

  7. Be specific plz. Are u speaking to Chief Malemia. Warning Chief Malemia u will be in hot water for criticising that man. U know who we are talkn about. Because this post is a warning shot. I don’t get sense in this post. U can’t just wake up and warn chiefs without proper reason. What have they done to be warned.

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