Evangelical churches against legalising abortion, homosexuality

Homosexuality Malawi

The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has slammed calls to legalise safe abortion and homosexuality, saying proponents are only looking for money.

Rev. Zacc Kawalala
Rev. Kawalala: activists are looking for funding

According to EAM’s Ethics, Peace and Justice Commission (EPJC,) there is no need to push for abortion and homosexuality rights in the country.

Chairperson for the commission, Reverend Zacc Kawalala, said activists pushing for homosexuality and safe abortion issues are looking for funding.

Kawalala said it is not justifiable to say that there is need for the legalization of safe abortion because of high maternal deaths.

“On behalf of all the churches in Malawi especially those under the AEM, our position on the repeal of the legalization of the abortion is that there is no need to legalize abortion and homosexuality in this country.

“You can see that the reason they are giving us for the legalization of these issues are not that hot,” said Kawalala.

He further said the advocates are just claiming that there is still high maternal deaths even though the claim is not true. Kawalala added that currently the country has reduced number of deaths happening during birth.

Some rights activists have been calling for reform of the country’s laws on abortion and homosexuality.



      1. What could possibly be good about opposing equality for gay people or interfering in women’s health care?

  1. Crooks and scam artists seek to infringe on the basic civil rights of others.
    Throw the religious freaks in jail.

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