MPs – NGO clash over abortion law

Emma Kaliya

Member of Parliament (MP) for Dedza North Patrick Chilondora says legislators are worried that they will lose their seats if they sensitise people in their constituencies on the need to legalise abortion.

Speaking during political party leaders’ regional sensitizing campaign meeting on abortion, Chilondora who is a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) MP said the issue is sensitive and may lead to the legislators losing votes.

He explained that the issue is supposed to be dealt with maturity since many people are against the proposal.

Emma Kaliya
Kaliya says MPs are being timid over the law.

But Chairperson for NGO Gender Coordinating Network Emma Kaliya claimed that those who are failing to discuss the issue with their constituents are just being timid.

“Those who are failing to sensitise people on the issue of abortion are cowards because the problems caused by unsafe abortions are severe,” she said.

Kaliya added that no one should be afraid to speak the truth adding that it is important to tell people the truth than hiding it since unsafe abortions can put people’s lives at a risk.

The sensitization meetings are aimed at helping politicians in the country to become aware of the importance of safe abortions.

Currently, abortion is illegal in the country but advocates have proposed a bill that will legalise safe abortions.



  1. Mukutaya nthawi kumakambilana nkhani zimene sodomu adaongedwa nazo, ndipo chimene mudzwe nchakuti mukangovomeleza zopusazo mavoti kwainu kulibe, ngakhale president amene, mesa kuli azibusa kumeneko achina chakwela? Basi mwaiwala mau a mulungu chifukwa cha ndalama? Mulibe manyazi ana anjika inu!

  2. I thought that the Mps are affraid of God instead Ur telling Us that they are scared of loosing their seats in parliament next time? Shame on our Mps. Did the bye their Constituencies and ask people what they want?

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