Slap our MPs in the face – Chisi tells Mutharika


Umodzi Party president John Chisi has called on President Peter Mutharika not to assent to the Customary Land bill which was passed in Parliament by a majority of DPP MPs on Thursday saying the legislation will cause controversy in the country.

Chisi told the local media that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has already caused havoc through Cashgate and now they want to cause more chaos.

“DPP government has understood already that they have cashgated and now they want to cashgate the land, I think these people know where the minerals are until we know the truth of this bill,” Chisi fumed.

John Chisi

Chisi; Has made the call to Mutharika.

He further said the bill is meant for the Malawians to suffer since their own government will be stealing from them. “If Mutharika assent that means he has deliberately sent those people to steal more from us, cashgate is enough please don’t finish us for everything, give us time to breath, we gave you that power to love us not to make us slaves, at some point you should stop because you are going too far,” he explained. In his words chairperson of the Natural Resources Committee in Parliament Welani Chilenga said the bill will cause more confusions. He said: “This will end up with people losing their land, instead of solving the problem, it will end up creating more confusions” Chilenga said.



  1. Zovetsa chisoni kwambiri akatelo akumalowapo,akugulitsa malowo kwa anthu obwela(chinise,amwenye,maburundi&Rwanda kenakotu ife tizikapemphetsa kwaiiwowo ngati dziko silathu because of these gready suckers who calls themselve leaders. Idont think Malawi inalandila ufulu?

  2. Mmmh may God have mercy on these selfish leaders. Zoona osamva chisoni ndi mmene a malawi tikuzunzikila? Chanzeru nkukhala kuti senzetsa mphika waulemelero? Oooh God! Where are you now?

  3. The fact is Umodzi Party is not happy with this bill and we totally ask the President not to sign this.Let’s think of poor Malawian.Let’s not milk thin cow

  4. We said it,udf and dpp r not in gvt to serve Malawians.They r there to serve themselves. Shame on you Atupele.You r as greedy as your father. I salute you opposition for not being part of this evil

  5. Wina azafapotu apa mudzayese dala malo anga. Mbuzi za DPP this country muli mavuto adzawoneni koma instead of tackling issues affecting the nation you’re busy bringing stupid laws and that’s what Bingu also did last time

  6. Whilist some other countries ‘re fighting to get land to the indigenous some stupid mps ‘re passing the law to favour themselves & foreigners. ….shame.

  7. If not tactically calculated this is the downfall of DPP because it is best known for creating money making ways from the citizens of Malawi using trickster. This is robbery by using power or stealing from citizens who are already suffering. Land is the only asset for local Malawians, DPP has failed to assist Malawians to earn enough for their livelihood and yet it is just reaping where it didn’t sow. Shame on you…

  8. Yokamachayo ndiye ndikugwirizana nayo ndipo ndizalawila. Enanu ndakupemphani muziwelenganso news zina kuti muziziwa chilungamo. Monga ma Ngo ena anena kuti tikukayenda pansewu ngati President asainila land bill.

  9. Then wait a munite! Will they not soon be asking us to pay for the customary Oxygien we’re briething in and out? Because I can see, what it matters for them is money not the peoples welfare.

  10. prof chisi,dont feel pity with these commoners,those r the fruits of their votes. thats wat they wanted. u av a gd point bt some fb &… followers av already castgated u coz u r from the north. “No matter how hard u preach, these pipo shall not listen” u shall see 4 urself 2019,they shall suffer till 2024

  11. the reason is that ivo vilije chalo kwawo uko sono vikukhumba kuzakiba chalo chithu kuno ku mpoto tawonana tawonana, ndipo tatungana baba tifwilengepo pachanya pa chalo chakwithu.

  12. Mr Chisi you are just wasting your time Peter is behind it just imagine bill was passed though opposition boycotted it where do u think gvt MPs got courage from


    • Can trace some sense in your argument but at least opposition tried to block it. While DPP is passionately determined to suppress us not only economically buy even socially. Hence I can confidently applause opps for being conscious than dpp being outrageous nightmare to turn us into slaves.

  14. Kodi mmalawi apapa ufulu wake ulipati??? Koma ma MP athu apapa mwapangapo chani? Kodi dziko lamalawi likupita kutino tsopano??? Kumbukilani malamulo omwe mukupanga panowa mawa adzagwila ntchito paifetomwe ndithuuuu!!! Chauluka chidzatela

  15. dziko likafika apa ndiye kuti olamulayo alibe nzelu.ndichifukwa chake maik ena amapanga chiwonetselo mpaka kuchotsa mtsogoleli.tingoti mkwiyo ukachuluka kenako tiwona nkhondo itayambika

  16. Where were our opposition honarables when this draconian bill was passed? If the oposition MPs walked out of the chamber as i have heard, was it right in a democracy where numbers count? Who have passed this draconian law: is it DPP or parliament? Does DPP make laws? I thought its all MPs from opposition, independents and the ruling party? The blood of the common Malawian who shall lay victim of this diabolic bill shall haunt all MPs whether from DPP, MCP, PP, etc. It is an indication that Malawians’ problems will never be solved by Politicians. Malawi needs God’s intervention. Politicians are there to milk the bleeding Malawians even robbing them of their last coin.

    • Lazy minds feed on spiritual lies. God’s intervention sentiment is a manifestation. I read; all opposition MPs went out. But recall that not all 193 MPs were in the house.

    • Very apt response indeed coz they were already defeated numerically. But to exhibit their dissatisfaction to clear off any myth of implied involvement then moving out is justified.

    • Hey brother are you asking for the sake of argument only or somehow serious? Don’t you know that parliament is made up of government MPs, opposition parties MPs plus independent MPs? Tell me where these independent MPs belong to? The thing should be what is the stance of majority opposition political party MPs?

    • I, for one, do not want to magnify DPP as the strongest iceblock. As such, whatever happens in Parliament, its not pro-DPP. The opposition, combined with the independents MPs have got the dorminant mandate to turn around events in favour of the poor. Dpp alone has no majority unless when the opposition MPs have not attended parliament, as they are mostly found loitering around, while business is on. Now back to the Land Bill, it irks me bg time coz the oposition coupled wth the independents could hav obstructed it. All of them were supposed to be there. Needless to say, the spirit of the victimised Malawian, will haunt all Law makers irrespective of their party affiliation.

    • Now, Everson Jere, of ‘Lazy minds feed on spiritual lies’: its another best logical debate. Trust me, all these politicians are one. Let’s support them. But they will disapoint us. Let us trust and wholeheartedly follow God. He will not disapoint us. Let’s pray for Malawi. She is our inheritance. This is our portion. Far more, beyond all: lets think beyond this life, there is another life to come.

    • you know the problem started with DPP by bringing this bill in the house. and opposition parties wanted to amend it but govt said no amendment to land bill. the pro dpp govt mps passed it without amendment . see where the problem is from plz.

    • Bro trust me. I have followed politics. I have written on politics. I have studied politics. I have interacted wth them. I had taken part in electoral proccesses. By now, i have known politicians’ attributes. They are one. Again, i repeat. They are one. DPP wont bring forth good thing in parliament that will be more appealing to our appetite, unless we overhaul its DNA. Therefore, it’s the role of the opposition MPs and indeed that of the speaker to provide checks and balances on such draconian bills. Bro Wilbes Tembo, trust me, this bill was deliberately fostered to benefit all Mps in the August House. My spirit imputes the whole blame to the legislature as a whole. The other question to arouse your interest is: where are our CSOs, whom we deciphered as the watchdogs of the poor in the country? Dont we as citizens have the right to protest, march and demonstrate before the Head of State assents it? To this effect, it is not DPP, but the whole legislature that has failed us. If put on a continum, the Opposition and the independent block have bn caught in deep slumber while on duty.

    • I think you’ ve reduced you discussion to an academic debate. Don’t you know that DPP “buys” the independents so much so that they they don’t vote witj their conscience? Opposition remained in the chamber and voted “No” on Customary Land Bill, did they win?

    • I began following you way back. I believe you were the founding members of Team Chakwera tog with Mkunika and several others. I guess that ground breaking work made you more active on the social media than now. Can i assume you are busy strategizing on the winning economy?

  17. My fellow Malawians tafufuzani kaye mukamva nkhani. Si a dpp ayi koma aphungu makamaka Osusa ndi amene anabweresa chiganizochi. Please! Please dont have a negative atitude towards anybody Njiru singatithandize kuyenda chisogolo never

    • I don’t belong, or favour any party but read the story may b in other source apart from pages or fb. What I believ that all the Politicians are crooks and Mbava za misonkho ndalama zathu. Ine sindingaloze kuti uyu ndi wa Mcp, Udf, Dpp, Pp, Afford ayi chifukwa onsewa ali chipembezo chimozi cha ndale. Ndichifukwa nthawi zina amapanga zofanana monga akangoti tiyeni malipiro athu akwere kapena boma litingongoze ndalama amavomelezana onse

  18. Bravo the opposition for your were not part of this. You distanced yourself from passing the bill. It’s sad indeed for Malawian citizen to pay for their land. It is the same govt that says Malawians cannot afford to buy fertilizer hence introduction of the targeted subsidy. Where will the people get the money to pay for their land?

    • Walking away at such time like this, was the most waste thing the opposition has done. Democracy is a game of numbers. This bill was passed because the majority of the opposition boycotted the session. Opposition has failed us.

  19. mhuu mukuti tizilipira etiii kuti ndalamazo muzikagawanabe kusonyeza zomwe mumatibera kumisonkho yokweza katundu zachepa koma mulowelelepo kumalo athu kuti ife amalawi ndikupusa kwathuku tikavomera muzatigulitse mosavuta tsopano..kodi peter munthalika tiuzeni zoona tsopano kodi chomwe mukufuna kuona tsopano ndi nkhondo cholinga muzaone mwazi wa munthu ukukhesedwa bwana president ?

  20. Chikudabwitsa malawi anthu ambiriwa amadalilika asanalowe ku Parliament. Amazigunda pamtima kuti Iwo mnganzeru akatsutsanabe ndi mchitidwe wankhanza ndipo akaonesetsa kuti wina aliyense ufulu wake ugwire ntchito. Lero ali chete…..zotinso alim’Malawi mommuno tangomvera mmapepala momwemu. Aphungu enanu munakakhala ngati Winiko bwezi zili bwino. Stupid Parliament…zamanyi kuyetsana eti…..zautsiru

  21. Iwe Petulo ngati watopa mkudya ziwala patsa anzako alamule dzikoli ndakwiya nawe wamva, uzipita m’midzimu uzikaona anthu m’mene akuvutikila ndie nthaka yathu yomwe tikailipile iwetu ukunama kwambiri pokhapa wagwa nao mavoti

  22. He gonna sign it bcz he is behind this bcz his govt lacks sources of collecting revenue . He is mshona he knows nothing about his citizens poverty. He thinks is running USA where citizens r far richer than us

  23. koma DPP paja ndichoncho amamva zao zokha amangokhala ngati anthu obadwa banja la munthu mmodzi kudzikonda kwake ,apapa atangokonza akhoza kusinthanso flag ya Malawi ndi anthu odzikonda kwambiri ,vuto mabungwe ndi akulu akulu ammipingomu achulutsa dyera ena mantha sakuima pachilungamo koma pandalama ndi pamantha ,ndipo zifukwa zamademo zinakWanira apapa koma mmmm! awafumbatitsa

  24. Wanamizana amenewo ifeso takozeka tifera malo athu chaka chino zitsilu za wanthu inu panyapanu a dpp ngati mumamanga mumanga tonse amalawi palibe wasangarala manyi mwachitawo agalu


  26. This government has totally lost its direction. it’s treating Malawians as if were all infants.look the way how poor people in the village surviving! How to access medication assistant from government hospitals! They are living in less than a half dollar a day. And yet stupid M.Ps could pass this damn bill. Government is doing all these simply to have our Land handed over to foreigners after we have failed to pay rate. In so doing foreigners will be able to pay huge sums of monies to bribe government so that can claim a big land. Leaving we owners landless. God should punish DPP government. You are failing to supply and provide to the needy and raising your budget to trillion and yet those monies will be sourced from the same people your ill treating now. Our salaries still the same but you put taxes on goods which we take them as our basic for living country wide. The same salary. Shameless government. Wait until 2019. God bless you greedy MPs mainly DPP government.

    • Have you ever use your kwacha to import these goods from foreign countries? Or do you know what is main Africa trade currency? You are a technical student and not living in Malawi thus why you can ask me this question.

    • Mr Peter Cisale which xool did u go to? try to inroll 4 a night xool. That’s why u r starving coz of ur stupid mind set. Even if I’m not in Malawi currently but I feel sorry 4 those of them that can’t manage 2 find a dolla per day. I feel sorry 4 my country, my parents won’t die of hunger but coz I will always be there 4 them, they r some pipo who are hopeless and now u bring this stupid stupid law. I suggest to them 2 deal with economic crisis our country is passing through.

    • David chaula..thus a word from somebody whose parents took time and money in bringing him up by creating him excellent deserve to be called Reverend.With these few remarks let me ask cisale to re – enroll yakwacha.

    • Anthu ena I can’t understand ??? chimakhala chili chiyani? Usawi chani? Bwana Soza felish mwalankhula bwino kwambiri we need pipo like u.

    • #soza Felish,if u argue with fools,they will only harm ur precious brain.These r brainless children whose loyalty to their DPP is beyond ur expectation. Infact,they av not gone 2 sch thats wy they comment ignorantly

  27. A dark cloud engulfing the once ‘Warm Heart of Africa ‘
    The DPP’s bad laws isn’t something new. We all knew about this so we embrace for more bad laws if this driver remains on the wheels of this poorly governed territory

  28. koma nthawi dzina osamawayetsa Amalawi kuti muone kuti apanga bwanji chonde opanga malamulo nkhalani osamalitsisa bcz Amalawitu posachedwapa atopa ndipo akatopa Malawi azanunkha

  29. ndi dziko lathu koma muthalika ngati watopa siya udindo ndikupita kwanu ku thyolo .ndalama zikusowa titenga kuti zoti tizipeleka

  30. Admin dont give us yo opinion. Put facts straight. The majority of Dpp agreed full stop. If they knew it will make controvesial how did they agree sh*t. You want to shift blame. Donor dont trust u anymore, now u want to strip poor pple shame on you.

  31. Ma demonstration ndiye adzayamba from Chitipa to Nsanje, Nkhotakota to Mchinji.Sitingapereke msonkho malo adatipatsa agogo athu.Zimenezi zokha ndiye sitimvanapo.

  32. John chisi komaso DR LAZAROUS WABWINO CHAKWERA Ndiye ofunika kukhala mtsogoleri wa dziko osati izi zikulephela kulankhula chichewa -ZI AYI