Beware pirates: K5 Million fine for burning CDs


Members of Parliament (MPs) on Thursday passed the Copyright Bill to protect works of art from being pirated in the country.

The new law will see people found guilty of digital piracy paying a minimum fine of K5 million.


Musicians could smile to this.

Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) board member Rudo Chakwera has since applauded the bill arguing that it will promote art in the country.

Despite authorities getting tough on piracy, the malpractice has over the past years refused to stop being a thorn in the fresh of Malawian artists.

Some artists have been seen moving on personal campaigns of confiscating computers that are used to pirate art music in the country.

While fighting for piracy in the country, Malawi artists blamed government for not putting measures that could curb the malpractice.

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