Parliament suspended over toilets

Malawi Parliament

Government will keep panicking over the passing of the national budget as parliament continues slowly debate the allocations vote by vote.

On Wednesday the House was suspended due to serious hygienic problems that arose due to insufficient water in the house and led to blockages of toilets that kept stinking around the parliament.

From Monday, the legislators have been involved in the committee of supply that have seen the deliberations t even reach 8 P.M.

Malawi Parliament
Malawi Parliament suspended.

This is because there are just two days remaining for the members of parliament o wind up debate on the 1.2 trillion 2016/17 budget.

Yesterday, MP for Dedza East, Juliana Lunguzi had to ask the speaker of parliament to suspended the house saying the situation was worse in the lavatories.

Lunguzi’s request might have been worth it, but leader of the house, George Chaponda seemed not convinced until Information Minister Patricia Kaliati argued the calls needed to be considered as it posed a threat on the legislator’s health.

But Kaliati blamed the officials at the parliament for being coy to address the problem saying this should not have been happening at the house-which has the mandate to drive the nation.

Workers were initially seen in the morning carrying buckets of water that had been used in he toilets in the day but could not have been done all day long.

Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje then suspended the house-a development that piles more pressure on government to see to it that the budget deliberations be finished with just two days remaining for the house to finish all its duties this time around.

The house has recently come under fire for seemingly not giving attention to the budget rather than going for issues that affect them such as calls for an increase in loans that they are entitled to.



  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha so the Mutharikas and his comrades couldn’t stand the smell of their shit doing,no wonder they say people must eat rats!!! I wonder if the parliament has rolls of toilet paper or they using newspapers and worthless Kwacha that’s y toilets are blocked!!!

  2. Apa tipemphe kuti chonde olemeke onse pokalawa m’nyumba yamalamulo ayenera kunyamula zinthu izi: 1 Ndowa yamadzi, 2 Mabattery a tiger, 3 malimbuni atsekera. Chifukwa madzi ndi magesi kuno kwathu ndi mavuto osatha.

  3. Hahahaaaaa very funny, u could hv not dissolved the parliament session, u could hv stayed there and enjoy the good odour.

  4. gwirani ntchito sizimenezo after all zikununkhazo ndi zanu zomwe musayinyanse apa, complaining of toilets? the whole country is stinking ndiye tisamukire kuti?! tiyeni togwire ntchito under the situation we are in mxii

  5. Kkkk mukanangosiya osalemba ,zinazi kuchitisa manyazi, dzana timakamba ya mbewa ndi zikhwiya lero tikambe za zimbuzi za Ku parliament kodi olo ozunguwo otafuna kubwera ngati ma tourist ongabwereko mmene zukhaliramu kkkk. Tell us more

  6. some issues must. not be brought to us kumaona nkhan zake write critical issues not this pile of rubbish not this bunch nonsense if u wanna make jokes join the circus if there is one in mw

  7. Mr Speak Sir! The rule shud be that every member of Parliament must pee in their homes before they come to Parliament, they must be scanned on the entrance. Akukhuta misonkho yathu thts why they hav blocked the Parliament sewer system. No more stupid soft Loans as demanded by some silly irresponsible MPs.

  8. Am happy,is good for this house to face such problem so that they can know how other local people feel in this situation.I think now they will debate on gd ways of solving such problems….They always debate about their salaries without thinking of the people who are representing in that house

  9. Akumbileni zimbudzi anyani amenewo. It’s time they should start thinking of pumping water from saliva to Lilongwe or transfer capital city from Lilongwe to saliva or mangochi

  10. MPs Should Have Suspended Depositing The Honourable Shit In The Parliament’s Toilets Until Water Supply Is Restalled!!! Why Not Extend Tea Break So That MPs Can Go To Nearby Hotels Or The Bu….!!!

  11. all mps are stupid how can we expect you guys to help us in development if you are failing to clean up your house,no wonder you are failing to clean up roads in your constuecies as well as doing mantanance

  12. Hahaha laughable, Malawi is not a country that until today should depend solely on rainfall. Tikusoweka vision and political will, kusolola basi no patriotism. If such problems exist in the honourable house what do you expect in schools,,,,, BIG SHAME. pipo r too busy with politics,,, let’s talk development you regionalistic young devils who have impoverished Malawians

  13. It seems dat we don’t hv a good leadership in Malawi,both ruling & opposition parties they r thieves,bkoz this iz nt de reasons 4 suspended our parliament,Iwonso mavutowo azikumana nawo mom we munthu mwina wakumudzi akukumana nawonso,sikut Iwo ndi angel ayi,

  14. If the honourable house can experience such what more with a local person! This is shameful I started talking sometime back that Lilongwe one day you will use water from boleholes it is time you start planning getting water from Lake Malawi in Salima if you can’t plan it now then you are doomed . Have a vision you cannot rely on a dam because of climate change mudzamva nkhwangwa ikadzagwa mmutu . Lol!

  15. Comment with a solution osati zonyozazo sizithandiza malawi ata, akulu amati zidze pano zatonse. Inu mukukumana ndimavuto ngati amenewa kumbitsani zimbudzi coz aliyese akudziwa kuti mvula yavuta chaka chino ndeye boma lolamula si Mulungu kuti ndiye anapangitsa mvula kuti igwe chocho kapena kuti lili ndimphavu zotulu madzi pathaka kapena kumwamba. Tisalozane dzala apa tiyeni tililile kwa Mulengi basi!

    1. Stupid comment,we got alot of water here which is jst wasted into zambezi.solution is tap that water into our tanks.

    2. So why don’t you tell dem rather dan talking nosense here? Zonyozazo zimatinyasa plz just tell dem what to do osati kumanyoza chifukwa sizingathandize. Thanx to you coz ma comment z stupid guess yours z wise.

    3. iweyo udawauzapo kuti azipanga zazeru,nanga udawaletrsapo zonyoza ena.kodi munthu kunkhala nduna kapena mp olamula ndi mulungu.uyuso ibu ali ngati iwe ndi ine tonse kumanda.inu mukuti ma mp ngati awa af adzinkhala ngati muma deport a bus umve.

  16. This is a great shame to our nation ………….ask the president maybe he will tell them to use the bush to help themselves as he has told us to eat Mbewa and Ziwala

  17. Thus Malawi, so the minister of finance will say budget for maintenance of toilets will come after the New Convoy for president is released.

  18. They were not supposed to suspend the deliberations over such petty issues. Our hospitals, schools, government offices, markets and many important areas are operating under very pathetic conditions. And the office bearers receive peanuts but never complain nor close such facilities. How special are these MPs?

    1. But other equally important arms of the very same government are enduring the very dame problem even worse than this. Why do we emphasise the importance of Parliament over the rest?All the offices are the same and require equal tretment

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