More love for albinos: poem released in their defense


As various stakeholders are condemning the barbaric crimes against people with albinism, a Lilongwe based poet has added his voice with a poem titled “Heart Beat.

The poet, Yakin YK Hussein, who is studying at K and M College in Lilongwe said he thought it wise to condemn the evil act by painting all people involved in the crimes as people whose hearts do not beat since they act inhumanely.

Hussein who is a Muslim by religion quoted a saying from one of the Islamic books that says that “One cannot be a true believer unless if he or she wishes his friends what he wishes for himself.”

Yakin YK Hussein
Yakin YK Hussein brains behind Heart Beat.

“If one needs life that means he can’t kill any person including people with albinism because there is no difference between people with albinism with [and] people without albinism,” reads a line in the poem.

In the poem, Hussein also questions people who kill albinos if their hearts beat as human beings when they are doing this evil act or they turn into something different.

The poet says people who have humanity in them can’t kill other people as if they are not humans.

“Does the hearts of these people who kill people with albinism beat whenever they are doing this evil act?” the poet asks in the poem.

He then urges all people in the country to take a part in ending the barbaric killings.

“Let’s all come together and stop albino killings, abductions and tampering with their graves because out of doing such acts Malawians must not expect positive outcomes but [they will be] awarded sins and disaster,” reads the last stanza of the poem.



  1. Why only our friends, we are all homans & creatures let’s fear The Creator on His Final Day

  2. Pple hv shown there Mercy inorder 2support ALBINO pple Organisation,even our Member of Pariament comrade Winiko he did March 2show his Corcen”Bt nw lets DEAL with #BWAPHWINI with his ‘Jokes’ which hv gome Viral by Calling our”EAT MICE AND GRASSHOPPER”wt wz he actually mean”Koma Foreigher Wa ku America ameneyu atidalitsa

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