Man jailed for 2 years for stealing from shop


The Nkhunga Court in Nkhotakota has convicted and sentenced 29 year-old Gomezgani Munthali to two years imprisonment with hard labour for stealing assorted items from a shop in the district.

According to Nkhotakota Police Public Relations Officer Sub-Inspector Williams Kaponda, the suspect was arrested after stealing the items at Sani Trading Centre in the district.

ArrestedPublic Prosecutor Sub-Inspector James Muyira presented facts of the matter and the suspect was later found guilty for the offence of theft.

Passing judgement, His Worship Kingsley Buleya of Nkhunga Court slapped Munthali with a two year jail term for the offence. Munthali hails from Mwalughali village, Traditional Authority Mwilang’ombe in Karonga district.

The same court has also convicted and sentenced Samson Mulenga, 23, to pay a fine of K15, 000 or in default to serve 9 months in jail with hard labour for unlawful wounding of another person.

Mulenga hails from Kamange 1, Traditional Authority Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota.



  1. Atumbuka ndichani inu mwayamba kuba? kumalawi kuno timadalira inu kuti ndinu munthu okwima mmganizo zikamvuto mmathamangathamanga kupeza kena kake simuli ngati chee Yuzufu

  2. U ddnt disclose the amount he has stolen n y cnt you js gv hm a punishment,eg he shd b cleaning the same tradin centr for 5 months so that others shd gt a lesson rathr than sendin hm to jail,it wl js brng congestion in our prisons,,its high time the courts to review their laws,,zinaz tikungowonga nazo dolla za ziiiiiiii

    1. It ws js an example bt dea othr tough punishmets,,i hp he cn change,,nanga ndima small issues omwe paka jail,yet the govrnmnt loosing alot of money for our prisons the likes f, food,medicine etc n de space is stl the same,no changes

    2. Yes akagwire ndende ameneyu coz pali mau oti kuba umayamba ndi small issues ngati mbatata malalanje ndi dzina zotero mawa uzayamba kuba zazikulu zikulu nde apapa mmene zilirimu anthu atengerapo kale phunziro asamutaye iyai akagwire bax

  3. M’malo moti azikasaka mbewa ndi grasshopper iye ndikumakabaso eish ayisomva,Kumangoyipitsa mbiri yaboma la Nkk ndizinthu zopanda ntchito,zopusa,

  4. The same court has senteced 16 people to pay k5000 each in default two months in prison after they were found at nkhotakota trading center loitering during odd hours without any good reasons which is contrally to penal code

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