Sex workers run a special free service deal

Sex workers
Sex workers
free deals to force government to act (Google image)

Sex Workers in South Africa decided to offer free services as a protest intended to force President Jacob Zuma to address the needs of young people in the Rainbow nation.

“We want to use this privilege to beg the president and his people to look into the welfare of this people” reported one of South Africa’s tabloid papers.

According to the reports, the special service run for 24 hours across the country yesterday to mark South Africa’s Youth Days.

Bizarre protests are becoming a trend across the region with one of Malawi’s parliamentarians, Bon Winiko Kalindo, set to stage a naked protest to force government to bring back the death sentence for suspected albino killers.

Malawi Law Society have however warned Mr. Kalindo that he risks arrest should he carry the naked protest.



  1. Uko ku alexander kwama 20rand basi wamwa madzi, zuma mukunenayo anavomereza kale ndipo anthuwa ngokhala ndi mantha kamba ka apolice , koma apolice omwewo akumawagona anthuso omwewo koma osawalipira moti wapolice wina anafa cha ku orange farm mwenz wapitawu wa may koz sanalipire amakochawo (mahulewo)

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