Harvest time hard for the Flames: Walter sinking in water


The words were clear, ““I have big projects for Malawi football and the best is yet to come. We have unfinished business and our team has a vision to develop the game”.


The Flames harvesting?

This statement made at the Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe on 5th December, 2015 was followed by chants of “Walter! Walter! Walter!” coming in from his cheer leaders when the christened “Life President” of FAM was unveiling his fourth blue print where he was seeking a re-run. Lucky him, he got the votes a week after.

His Manifesto was labeled “Harvest time,” that coming after sowing disappointments, frustrations and humiliations for the past 12 years. How is this possible? You sow seeds for 12 years, only expecting to reap the fruits in the coming four years? Proclaiming that “I want to leave Malawi football in safe and able hands,” what a miracle.

What else? Nyamilandu pledged to contribute towards the social economic development of the country and assist in putting Malawi on the world map through a thriving and robust football industry. World map, huh? Yes, he said it “World map”.

The “Harvest time” jokes continued. He said his goal in the next four years would be to make Malawi a respected football nation so as to strengthen its dominance on the African continent and beyond by running successful national teams which have world class players.

Walter Nyamilandu

Nyamilandu: Heads the FA.

Nyamilandu promised to commercialise football by making clubs to start running the game as business, turn our amateur league into professional etc.

He outlined a number of plans including developing football at grassroots.

The reality on the ground is that we don’t have under 17, under 20 and under 23. And you even wonder which grassroots development was he talking about? This is exactly what Walter had been promising Malawians for the past 12 years.

This is no different from what we have been hearing ever since he became man in charge of our football in Malawi.

Harvest time is the hardest time indeed.

We can’t even defend some useless Cosafa plate. The Walter’s manifesto is in Water. The Flames remain fireless. Let Malawians judge Nyamilandu.

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