DMI student develops security system

Frank Kasambara

Amid increase in crime rate in Malawi, a fifth year student from DMI-St John the Baptist University has developed a security system that detects criminal activity in locations.

Intelligent Multi-alert Security System (I-MASS) provides innovative step in deterring incidences of crime and attempts to achieve a crime free society by getting real-time alerts on intrusion.

Frank Kasambara
Frank Kasambara the brains behind the system.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, the student Frank Kasambara who is studying towards a Bachelor of Software Engineering at the university said the system comprises technology that deters acts of theft and vandalism.

“The system instantly alerts users to effect corrective interventions within seconds of the act being perpetuated.

“The alerts are received as a phone call or Short Messages (SMs) on either the client’s mobile phone or their security service provider or even any police unit that may be connected to the system, loud siren and outdoor beams turning on within the premises under attack,” said Kasambara.

He added that the system sets on a loud siren, call the property owner through mobile phone, and switch on the outdoor beams whenever an intrusion is detected.

The invention is slated to decrease crime rate in Malawi due to its effective security provision, thereby having a positive impact on the economy of the country.

I-MASS uses a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) as an input device. A PIR works by measuring infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view.

The PIR sensor detects the change in the infrared light waves within a range of 7 meters radius and a span of 180 degrees.

The sensor then passes a signal to ATmega 328 Aduino Uno board which is an open source micro-controller system based on the ATMega series of chips comprising of 12 digital IO pins (pins 2-13) used in various functionalities.

GSM/GPRS Shield SIM900 module interfaces with the Aduino board to provide remote monitoring by making phone call or sending SMs whenever an intrusion has been detected.




  1. A very well developed system. congrats, only if one can rise and teach kids the art of coding and the importance of technology, it would do a lot of good will to the country and the community. I work at a technology company based in South Africa focusing on mobile application, software development and web and we do a lot of community projects.i am a website developer by passion. keep it up bro.

  2. This is nice but i hope the whole setup will need an ongoing power for its functioning.Can this effectively work depending on ESCOM or theres other power backups for the system…..?

  3. Congrats Man!!! Zayamba kutheka ku Malawi kwathu kuno. POLYTECHNIC, dzuka. Tikudikila ntchito za manja ako.

  4. Some managed to steal information in Embasy takecare oneday they may takeout everything from you,mwana wathu ndiwe wopambana

  5. congratulations! proud of you. i wish you could be supported so as to expand on what you’ve started, otherwise u r a genius and i wish u success in your career

  6. congratulations! proud of you. i wish you could be supported so as to expand on what you’ve started, otherwise u r a genius and i wish u success in your career

  7. congratulations big man … the best student “after learning , u have a biggest achievement” u r de hero bro RESPECT …. u r nw ma role model

  8. but is it marketable? i have heard of a lot of a lot of solutions being developed but we never see them being used im real life…anyway nice one bruv!

  9. Good development for private varsity and students continue to teach students from government varsity let them knows a u are best of

  10. This is interesting, as we have a number of malawians being innovative this days, a challenge that shapes our image and ideas

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