Tumbuka version of Justin Bieber’s Sorry creates a buzz

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The latest locally produced cover of Canadian born singer Justin Bieber’s Sorry has taken the social media by storm just a few days after its discovery.

Nkhupepeska, a Tumbuka version of the song which refuses to fade with time relapse, has been subject to appraisals for amazing production. This has forced social media users across Malawi to play a voluntary role in sharing the song at the cost of their hard acquired data bundles.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber’s Sorry has gone Tumbuka.

As for the brains behind the food for the ear, he remains a ghost; nobody seems to have an idea about who he is. A million dollar question concerning the identity of the singer remains unanswered with souls that have been touched by the melody patiently waiting for him to emerge.

Nkhupepeska which means sorry has fallen into the warm embrace of a considerable number of Malawians regardless of tribal differences. Those that have had an ear of Nkhupepeska have spoken highly of the singer’s vocal strength and creativity. But could this be the unknown artist’s passport into the limelight? That’s a question one can only answer based on logic.

The hit has beyond any reasonable doubt overshadowed Roy View’s reggae version of Bieber’s work. Should the brains behind the art emerge and make a formal release through major local music platforms, it will graduate into the national anthem in all likelihood, considering the hype.

The artist has maintained Bieber’s concept, only that he has employed literal translation. As a way of mitigating his shortfalls, he talks about apologising to his girlfriend who seems very rigid to convince. However, he vows to go on and concede his sins unless he did something unforgivable.

“Nkhwenera ine kupepeska, panyake vilipo ivo nkhananganga, nanga wuli nkhumanya chala ivo tatondanisya muchitengwa, nkhukutemwa na mu tima wose, nkhukhumba chala kuti tilekane,” sounds the chorus.

This could be Malawi’s record breaking hit having gained popularity before formal release. The question remains, who is the artist behind?



  1. AAAAh bola ikanakhala ya mu chchewa…..enafe si atumbuka2 nde sitingaifile nyimboyo….

  2. If you want this song, go on facebook and search Trueth JJ, the link is there. Thus the owner of the song. Its Trueth JJ f.t Def J- nkhuphepesya

  3. Basi yine nitulutsa yanga ya nyau yakwathu ku Dowa mu mchichewa. Just wait and see. WATCH OUT! Dowa gule wamkulu vibe coming soon. Ife Ndife o Mdala sititsalira yapa. Shaaaaaaaaa!

  4. Kkkk u must b jocking. so funny !!! ndie chamba chanji nkumakhala

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