Mulanje Mountain now under MDF protection


The country’s department of forestry has engaged the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to start protecting Mulanje Mountain which has suffered massive deforestation over the years.

The country’s defence force has been granted permission to look after the mountain by the city councils of districts that surround the mountain which include Phalombe and Mulanje itself.

Mulanje cedar

Mulanje mountain now under MDF’s eye.

The development follows increased cases of charcoal burning and logging which are making the mountain look bare.

According to director of forestry, Clement Chilima who was speaking during a meeting with MDF officials, the illegal charcoal burning and timber harvesting is depleting more resources in the mountain making it to lose its attractiveness.

He said the aim of engaging the soldiers is not that people should get scared but to bring sanity in as far as the management and conservation of the mountain is concerned.

“We have involved the MDF to make people comply with regulations in the management of forestry reserves though it is just on temporary measure,” said Chilima.

The development follows the involvement of MDF soldiers in Dzalanyama and Chikangawa forest reserves amid increasing cases of deforestation.

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