BFF decries ruthless albino killings in “Kulilira albino”

Black Face Family

The break of every dawn is in the present day being welcomed by news concerning the abduction and killing of people with albinism in Malawi which has laid the basis for Black Family Face’s latest studio work, Kulilira ma albino.

The reggae-dancehall vibe preaches love among humanity regardless of perceived differences.

Its message mainly targets those involved in victimizing people with albinism, asking them how they can feel seeing their loved ones getting subjected to such uncalled for acts.

According to Sparrow, one of the Black Family members, the government should engage an extra gear in protecting people with albinism through going after buyers of albino body parts.

He also pleaded with Malawians to take action and put a stop to ruthless and barbaric killings of the minority group.

Black Face Family
Black Face Family speak out against attacks on albinos.

“We are deeply concerned with the ruthless and barbaric killings of albinos. We urge the police to also focus on the demand aspect of albino body parts without just having to stop at arresting killers. If there is a killer, then there is a buyer and those buyers must face the law because they are creating such a market,” said Sparrow.

In their song, which can be downloaded by clicking here two of the widely spoken languages in Malawi have been used; Chitumbuka, and Chichewa. However the different linguistic disciplines have not in any way distorted direction of the message. The group, understood to be from Mzuzu, has deliberately involved the said languages to reach a large audience.

With reference to a report carried out by BBC last week, Malawi albinos face an extinction should further action not be taken.

This follows an increase in cases of abduction and killing of albinos despite the government attaching a stiff jail term to those found committing the atrocity.

The President of Malawi Peter Mutharika warned he will ensure that the law expose its wrath against all albino killers and abductors. His message has been repetitively aired on state broadcaster, MBC.

In the discharging of his duties, the Inspector General of Malawi Police, Lexten Kachama last year gave the police powers to shoot albino abductors and killers. Since then, the police have been making arrests of people taking part in the modern day human trade.

Now artists have refused to watch, hands akimbo while part of humanity is facing a possible extinction. Junior C, a musician and presenter at Times Television is among artists that have loaded their “rifles” in readiness to strike against everyone caught victimizing albinos.

To download or stream the song, follow this link:



  1. The good Idea is to kill everyone who involved in such behavior or arrest them.

  2. I Emmanuel M.Chimombo as a bonefide citizen of Malawi i solemnly say that I strongly condemn the killings of people with albinism for they deserve life as we also,If I found anyone directly or indirectly mocking,insulting or persecuting people with albinism I will report him/her to the police.This conduct has to stop………If you see anyone harrasing a person with albinism report him to your community neighbourhood police officials…..LETS MAKE MALAWI A WARM HEART FOR PEOPLE WITH ALBINISM………Share the Post if you are against the killing of albinos

    1. I think the problem is lack of hard-working spirit which is causing alot of people to believe in such a misleading ideas but lets think of an albino as a person with everything similar to everybody

    2. thats true Gomani,The problem is that awareness campain is coming from the government only even us who are civilised if we can go in our home villages telling our relatives the evil of killing these innocent people we can term the behaviour

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