Budding music star Texam promises fireworks


Perhaps when he was in secondary school his mates never thought the amateur music he was doing could propel him to one hip hop music artist who is making a name for himself and having mouth-watering projects to his name, but that’s the sliced story of Texam anyway.

The Lilongwe based artist in sharing a moment with Malawi24 Upclose reveals about his latest track titled Ankolo Tekky.

In the song, the artist who is currently studying business administration at Exploits University explains more about a ‘new artist who has scared others in the hip hop industry with his new hits. He might have been refereeing to himself, maybe.

But he says the song does not portray his real life.

‘’I thought of doing that song just to bring up a crazy idea or fact as the title it’s catchy Ankolo Tekky but it doesn’t really explain my real life but just some craziness of the hip hop game,’’ he defends his ego in the song.

He says after its released last week, Ankolo Tekky has received overwhelming response from music lovers and he has particularly been inspired by others who say that he is doing great music.

Texam: Eyeing fireworks in his career.

On his plans, Texam real name Samuel Tengani who is based in Chigwiri, Lilongwe maintains that he intends to market his brand with great standards and also be involved in projects with international artists, which he hopes will send his name across the globe in the industry.

Texam on the other lap believes the country is developing in as far as music is concerned.

He says: ‘These days we are advancing so much, and soon we gonna show the whole world that Malawi also got the game.’’

He boasts of releasing a 12 track album titled Day in the Night in which all the songs are strictly hip hop.

Hitting the memory lane, the 20 year old links his career to a crew he run with other schoolmates at Dzenza Secondary School way back in 2013 when he was in Form 4.

He says that alongside other friends Rex Kady, Slick G and Viper under the crew name Dem Zest Music Group (DMZ) he recorded a tracK titled Wachepa Zedi.

“In terms of marketing, if am going to find the links to successful markets am willing to take my music to the international level,” he said while making revelations that he will be featuring a big name in a song soon.

He added: ‘’After writing my MSCE we then continued Recording with Tripo B of the Busy Brain Beats Record, it’s by then when I first thought of recording my solo track mainly to encourage myself in music. “My first track was All I do is Hustle which features my crew mate Rexie Kady on the hook after that I recorded go hard which I did everything by myself, both tracks were recorded by Tripo B.”

“After recording the two tracks I then realized I had the potential and thought of making my own album which is called Day in the Night L.P. He could not resist sharing to his fan base which might be blossoming of course but would perhaps love to hear what he would tell them.

‘’To my fans I just want to tell them I got more projects on the way and they should keep on supporting my music and together we will make it there.’’

And the little music he used to do at secondary school could do him nothing but ameliorate the current tag the lad is wearing.

His latest track can be downloaded here: http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=4088

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