Bingu’s memorial takes place tomorrow

Bingu wa Mutharika

There will be a memorial service for late President Bingu wa Mutharika who died four years ago, government has confirmed.

Bingu wa Mutharika
Bingu wa Mutharika to be remembered tomorrow.

According to the Office of the President Cabinet  President Peter Mutharika will lead family members and the nation at the memorial service at Chingadzi Parish in Thyolo.

Bingu died on 5th April 2012, according to a report by a set commission but different reports have been citing different dates like 7th and 6th April.

This was because his death was not known to the public for a few days.

Some of the top posts Mutharika served included working at the World Bank as a Loans Officer and at the United Nations Economic Commission of Africa, as Director of Trade and Development Finance and as Secretary General of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa COMESA covering 22 Member States.

He was succeed by Joyce Banda who lost to Peter Mutharika in 2o14 elections.



  1. He deserve to be honoured dis way, he was a great man….. He took malawi country to another level, RIP wadada….. A malawi ozindikira ndi okonda dziko lawo will never forget u. Tazamukumana kuchanya, pala vyose ivi vyamala

  2. Kodi adapita man aja.Tatsala ndife ndi awo.Mzimu wawo kaya ukuusa mumtendere kumeneko sitidziwa.Chautayo poti amakhululukira ochimwa mwina adakhululuka.

  3. Bambo, ine ngati munthu pandekha ndinalibe nanu pulobulemu,,Mzimu Wanu Uuse Mumtendere a “BINGU” kuthandiza ku Hait 200 bags of rice, Green belt, Bingu stadium, BICC, subsidy, M-P-J-Z road, Chirazulu-Chirinna road via Namphasa (kwathu) etc aaaaaaaaa!

  4. Anthu enanu mumayankhula bwanji?Kodi mwambo umeneyu mukuona ngati ndi olankwa?chonde muziyankhula bwanji.

  5. AMalaw azanga chonde, sanyoza mtembo chifukwa amene mkumunyozayo sakumva anapita kale inu mungochimwapo chabe, kaya anakuchitilan zoyipa Mulungu mwiniwake ndiye akudziwa, osat inu muzitukwana.may his soul rest in peace.

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  8. Greatest initiative made by this man; free ARVs. Eeeeeeeeeee……. Ambiri akutukwana lerowa bwezi atawabzyalira maluwa kalekale. Ooooooooooooo. Don’t ask me, Nanga iweyo.

  9. Kungofuna Kuononga Ndalama Zaboma Basi,wapita Wapita Mtayeni Ameneyu

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