Chanco students brutally beat suspect

Students at Chancellor College on Thursday mercilessly beat up a suspect they caught stealing at a hostel.

chanco robber
The robber after he was beaten up

The suspect, 20 year-old Bester Gowelo was caught stealing in one of the hostels at the college campus.

According to a source, the suspect wanted to steal computers in Khondowe hostel at the college.

Confirming to Malawi24, Zomba police spokesperson Patricia Supiliano said the police were informed by well-wishers about the incident.

“We were informed by people that a suspect was caught stealing at Chanco so we managed to rescue him now he has been admitted at Zomba Central Hospital in Ward 11 but he is  in serious condition,” said Supliano.

The incident comes after authorities spoke against the acts which have been on the rise over the past two months.

Recently, the United Nations (UN) condemned acts of mob justice in the country arguing that the country has laws which must be respected.

The suspect hails from Chisawa village,Tradition Authority (TA) Chikowi,in Zomba district.



  1. Ali bho…. zilinyatwa….. mo fire….. wadya Apple…. anaka yatsa tyre ya galimoto…. koma… zilibho….. kumadhowitsako 2 minna inayake…. akuwona ngati ndinu mikapetu nkona analimba mtima…. koma size yamu ntownbe…. Apolice kuchedwesa move kwambili

  2. asamapuse…we would like to educate this ignorance of attributing “suspicion” to the deceased..he was caught stealing…and was hencewith man-handled accordingly….its only a shame that he wasn’t breathing faster resultin in formatting his soul..may he rest in peaces!!!

  3. Yeah The best alternative or ways is to burnt him up to no cessation of vital body signs like no pulse BP respiration .Like here in Salima pple just burn not mpaka policemen kupeza kovaya nako ku hoso

  4. mmmm so bad how can you feel that person is your brother,that so bad coz its just a suspect oh shame to people who beat that person

  5. Dats de fruits ov stealing,had it been dat it was mi I could have just slaughter him

  6. Chanco students are opharns and. Chanco is an orphanage prace coz they do what they want and the president is not taking. Part shame

  7. A police anathawa just that some students rescued him. We cd have ended his journey on earth
    sangabele neighbors wa amfumu!!

  8. A police anathawa just that some students rescued him. We cd have ended his journey on earth

  9. Ameneyo si suspect ngati wagwidwa akuba akhala bwanji suspect? Ndimbava imeneyo angomumaliza basi kuti ena atengelepo phunzilo

  10. A suspect caught stealing? Where is the element of being a suspect Admin? Wll done students. Thandizani apolisi polimbana ndi umbava

  11. and u r sayn he was a suspect? buh the evidence is there that means he is a thief nt a suspect. Suspected of what then? mesa mwat anamugwila akuba macomputer ndye pakufunikiranso umbon otan pamenepa kut atchedwe wakuba

  12. mob justice. osanama anawa sanalakwe. imagine kulemba project nkumaliza. wina wa ufulu wake kudzaba laptop with all the info. ngakhale ndiri ineyo sure ndikhala Muhamad Ali basi.

  13. Nde satana2 ameneyo, amakutuma ngat zabwino zikakuvuta ndikukuthawa enafe tiyeni tizitengerapo phunziro zinazi we better avoid in Jesus name

  14. So they didn’t have money to buy petrol to burn him??? Nowadays its one thief caught is a reduction of one thief from their population hahahahahahahaha mwaitayatu game mafana pamenepo, akachila azabweranso…

  15. anyamata aku chanco mukumaba heavy,even here those they stealing are known chanco. confirms kuli class lophuzitsa umbava now a days

    1. Its unfortunate that simunaventsetse what the news is saying. O munakanafunsa kaye…
      That guys ndi kaperi just like you to the noble mighty chirunga. Not kut he is one of the interrectualz no.

  16. Why Not To Burn Him?Mkanangomuotcha Akanabwera Okonzeka Siakanakupha Dzongofunika Kumangopha Izi

  17. A police ntchito ikuwalephera nkuona anthu nkumadzilangira okha akagwira okubawo komanso kundende samakakhalako olo ine kumpeza wakubayo kumuombela ndi live immunition

    1. Then dey shud nt say he was caught stealing cox dats an affirmation…… Thing can not be and not be at the same time in the same respect

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    1. suspect,ndi munthu wina ali yense amene wagwidwa ndi police kapena anthu ngakhale mutakhala kuti mwamugwira nazo zinthu olo atakhala kuti mwamupeza akuba ameneyo ndi vuto ndi malamulo adziko lino sali bwino ndi a nthawi ya asamunda

  19. Simply shows there is high unemployment rate and people are doing whatever it is to get going. Shame On This DPP Government and his Cabinet. You guys have failed us and cant even put crime rate rising in check. MAKAPE a DPP. Ma ZOBA

    1. It’s politics. How would you describe a government that can’t keep check of crime and unemployement in check to the extent that students have to fight crime on their own and people can’t find some sort of opportunies to earn a living? As far as this is the case this is politics for me.

    2. And if you don’t know, the said Chanco barely have sufficient security lights to keep such thieves away. Tell me how would such cases be unheard of? lets just thank heavens the students managed to capture the said thief and taught him a minimum size of a lesson otherwise students would have suffered again as they always do. Sometimes I ask myself if this Government has people with sound reasoning. Where did we take these people for leadership people? i consider them a disappointment. Ndipo ndakwiya!

    3. Wachamba iwe eti?akutuma eti?zikugwirizana bwanji nd politics?vuto si iweyo koma mankhwala ukumwawo mxiii,siine wandale ai koma manyi wayankhulawo ndizowombanitsa anthu mitu,ndi boma liti lomwe anthu sanabepo?nena?

    4. Chipondeni iwe nawe ndi mbululu ya munthu serious. You mean you cant see a connection in this really? koma anthu enanudi nde kayatu. No wonder siwe wandale. Andale sangaganize comment ya mphale ngati yakoi.

    5. Suprisingly you are just attacking my personality and none of u is bringing facts here. It just shows how dumb and stupid some of your are. Tell me facts abwantasa inu. Tinene kuti ku DPP ko kulibe amaziwa kupanga argue?

    6. Macmillan thank you. Look these people could not even come to realise what they preach. I feel sorry for them. When we say DPP lacks a direction these people cant see. Imagine they say chitetezo chitetezo chitetezo as if they know what they talk about. Zopusadi zianthuzi. Zangokula

    7. Your blind leaders will lead you to nowhere. Don’t just support parties coz azimbuyanu ndi a DPP. I mean look for delivery. Mukufuna zinthu zichite kuvundilatu ndiye mutseguke m’maso zoona? Apart from crime rate alone. Look how the Kwacha is fairing on the international market. All these are not clicking a sense in your heads zoona? penapake a Malawi amzanga mumandicitisa manyazi

    8. Chipondeni inu ndopusa. by the way i don’t make empty statements like some of you are. For your own sake I don’t go about kulimbana ndi boma coz sindimadya za boma ine. Besides I don’t know who is giving you these ideas about associating facts with drugs. I mean when will you ever learn to put opinions aside and concentrate on facts alone. If you keep thinking in that line you will surely lose yourself more worse than you are. I definitely doubt if for sure you are really a good citizen of this country. which ever case. Tell those above you rank to leave this country alone. Malawians don’t want you to ruin things than you have already done. Who told you because anthu anayamba kuba kalekale then the DPP govt cant keep crime in check? Zopusa basi.

    9. Macmillian zasimikizika kuti anthu ena olo kuwapanga correct bwanji umbuli wawo ndi matenda ngati a cancer kuchila kwakwe ndi kovuta. Ndazisiyadi mbutuma zinazi. I wish u knew how far i have gone with my school yet u are anticipating i Dropped out. Pathetic people.

    10. chavi ur comment s nt matured coz wat u say ndizomwe zachitika //….there is no nid goverment to do everything,we have power to work n search nt go to campus ya chanco kukaba zipangizo za ana asukulu thats nosense….mbava zikagwidwa ziphedwe basi

    11. Well Bernard if that is the basis of your argument then you are wrong, firstly and foremost whats the cause kuti anthu aziba? Secondly what is govt doing in its capacity to check such issues? This looks matured enough to me. In case you haven’t been familiar with this all, I can personally brief you. Machinga, Nsanje, Lilongwe have had cases of mob justice’s where the angry citizens have to some extent touched thieves. Now help me understand how then can one explain if crime rate is not on the rise? In this Chanco case in particular its not the first time where robbers have been disturbing students only that some cases don’t get much audience like this one. What conclusions can we draw from all these if one can not mention government then? Why all of a sudden has they been cases involving mobs dealing with thieves in one way or the other? Seriously, I would be out of touch if I leave this DPP govt unquestioned and will be during myself injustice. Of course I’m not that lame to.

    12. Chemwali khalidwe is a learned phenomina unless if you tell me it has to do with genetics. In this case I may give you a benefit of doubt by then i wont definately leave the idea that crime is on the rise coz anthu akupanika ndi ma plan a boma omwe akupangitsa anthu kusowa chochita and resolting to crime. This still stands. Ku DPP muwauze zinthu zikuipilabe daily. Full Stop.

    13. cha vi both we r in de same goverment dpp,mavuto onse zokhoma zonse tikuzionela tonse mungandiuze kut inuyo mungayambe kuba chifukwa chakulephera kuyendetsa dziko kwa dpp o peter thats nt true…..chitsazo makolo sadapite kusukulu nawe mwana ungati suphunzira coz ur parent r nt educated kumeneko ndekufooka maganizo kwamwana makolo akamwalira adzavutika..we nid to workhard posang’ana muthu kapena boma osati kuba.

    14. How do people come to conclusions Bernard if I may be allowed to ask.They look at the overall of everything right? Now with this once mighty DPP whats the overall effect? I doubt if its progresssive like was the case when Bingu was at the wheel. Let us admit, someone is not doing his jib right and thhings are getting worse. Only then we can start looking for solutions. I mean we cant keep pretending things are working when actually they are not. Government must do something out of the ordinary atleast to impress us. Thats what is expected of it. I personally dont want excusses. In as much as i know I’m in this DPP but am not impressed with service delivery, inflation, drug shortages, crime of whatsover magnitude from albino abductions to minor offenses. Come on something is not being done correct somewhere. I’m not interested in hunger but then we know as of late its been a serious challenge, if it wasn’t for the very few like Bushiri and the likes coming to our rescue some of us wouldn’t have made it this far. Do all these seem okay to you folks who are here supporting the DPP? A spade is but a spade. If this is okay then you don’t hold any good motives for Malawi. You are allowed to hate me sure but then facts wont be dismissed that things aint going the right way. Well for the things DPP is doing i look at them at a normal pace any government would have done given the tax it can correct. People don’t expect regular stuff from our leaders. They can no them on their own. DPP is not doing that extra mile which ordinary citizens cannot do. It must have done that and then I would have given it my credit for it. Tiuzane pano sindife ma robbot omangoti yes yes yes. Ndipo china ma yearo aku Chanco ati ndinene akufuna Switch yomwe DPP inachosa ibwelele.

    15. Kid you seem to be an Amateur in political issues,, You want to express yourself as a know it all when actually you know none. Learn to balance issues and have concrete observation in relating issues.. Grow up and stop making fallacious arguments..

    16. Let me tell you one thing Geofrey. I feel sorry for u to have considered yourself a politician. You don’t look like one to me and i can grantee you. You look like one living in a dream whether in person or in reality.What do you mean concrete observations? Isn’t hunger a concrete observation? Alright lets put that aside you may say its too general. Now tell me how distant can issues be, I observed crime rate as well and the argument was clear about it with the subject in question. Isn’t that even not an observation so concrete to you? Don’t come here to act like you are Mr Correct This Guy as if you know stuff when you are just Lame and so uncertain with your argument. I can assure u of one thing. If this is the type of backing you have come up with, sorry find someone of your own size. Seriously you don’t look good to me. Not even a quarter. I will do you Justice and be honest with you. Iwe nde ndi Mpale ina yosakonoka and If you are around I would be very much interested in meeting you in person perhaps for a few manners.You need some lessons, am even wondering how you got the energy to comment with this clap. Sure thing you basically don’t qualify for anything close to a politician. Do some profile check for yourself. Something may possibly suit you. Try Comedy may be. Take my advice.

    17. Idont Lyk Ppo Who Seem To B Mo Wise On A Faulty Bus That Has Carried All Of Us Yet They Dont Even Hav Asolution 2 The Problems,,, #observers_only,,their Wheels Writes,,,imagine,, The #Beating Of A Thief At Chanco Is A Result Of Poor Gorvernance And Unemployement,,if Imay Ask,,when In Ths Country Did Ppo Started Beating Thieves? 1980s,1990s Or It Has Just Happened At Chanco Ths Year,,pliz Guys W Hv T B More Serious When Marrying Issues,,irest My Case

    18. Cha Vi ,,ndiwe Mbuli Yolankhula English,,it Seems That Ur Head Is Full Of Mucus,,,aphuzitsi Ako Analephela Mwina Tieseko Mapemphelo Kuti Uyambe Kuzindikila,,,apo Bi Makofi,,,

    19. Hmmmm Ester, u can’t put up that comment as an educated person…u can’t see their is no security control? Don’t be a diphiphi Stooge!

    20. koditu kupita ku chanco sikuti ena otsalawo ndiosazitsata coz mwina nawonso anapita mma college ovaya. nanga zagwirizananji ndi kulephera kwa dpp? inu kuba ndi mtima wa munthu inu kuba mnyumba ya kwanu ndekuti kukhala kulephera kwa boma? ndikulephera kwa makolo anu coz ndekuti anakulekererani that means mwakula mopusa ameneyo kuba anayambira kwao langokwana tsiku loti agwidwe basi.

    21. nde iyeyo anaona kuti ku Chanco nkomwe kuli employment opportunity? don’t blame the govt, its our mindset. does govt have to secure jobs for everyone? everyone has the responsibility ova his actions and not the DPP govt. wakumana nazo zokuda

    22. @Cha Vi ur facts are so impressive, I wish we had a few people of your caliber. Malawi is full of dead wood, such people cannot understand you. Blind followers, full stop!!!

    23. lol chavi are you justifying the theif’s act ? I don’t know about you but even if chanco had guards countless as the stars , once a theif caught chanco would have dealt with the guy anyways .. I can’t remember when last we talked about high employment levels in our nation, do you really want to pin unemployment levels on this govt ??? employment is a development aspect and who aree keys players in devlopmnt ??? everyone is ..

    24. HOW TO REMAIN POOR:Complain about everything except your own attitude and laziness. Blame the system, the government and the banks that refused to lend you money. They are all bad and do not want you to get rich.

    25. Oh I missed all the fun. Anyway, salute to those few who can make sense of all am saying. Surprised I am still for those who can’t see to it for this to be much of a political issue than they seem to put it. Lets put itto rest on one condition (The beauty of the Brain is that we all can not think of one thing at a time and we all can not be right at the same time) I have made my observations and if you have a problem with that I’m okay. It all depend on how you think. But one of us is right!

    26. Aise chavi kunena zoona ndi madabwa anthu sakuzindikirabe kuti zonsezi gwelo lake ndi chiyani? akadali mudima paja kumalawi magetsi kuzimazima ndi olo mitu ya anthu amenewa ndi chimodzix2.Ali busy kusaponda good 4 nothing peter shame guys

    27. Mmmmmm sizikugwirizana ndi dpp kuba tu nchizolowezi cha mtima wa munthu kuchokera ali mwana n paliso anthu ena oti ali paa ntchito koma nkumabaso

    28. Bernard Lux B you have a point but your point has lost substance the moment you say we have to search and work. where will you search and work as if your government is creating opportunities. I believe malawians they know better what you talking

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