Police net seven in sweeping exercise


Police in the capital Lilongwe have arrested seven people whom they claim to have been the most wanted criminals in the city and in surrounding areas.

The seven are Dan Thandizo who is commonly known as professor, Mcjo Mwangala, Alex Yobe, Kennedy Mwenda, Akimu Kalimbuka, Gift Masiye and Dalitso Shame.

According to police, the suspects were nabbed in a special operation which the law enforcers called ‘Namulondara’.

arrestedThe operation was conducted by the country’s Criminal Investigations Department.

During the operation which commenced on March 25, the police also managed to recover assorted items worth millions and the items include plasma screens, laptops, cellphones, speakers, car batteries and generators.

The police say the initiative has been successful in many areas and is expected to reduce levels of criminal acts in the capital city.

Meanwhile, the Malawi police are informing the general public that if they were once attacked and their items were stolen, they should report to Lilongwe police to check the recovered items.

The police have also expressed their gratitude to individuals, organizations and all stakeholders for having a hand in their service delivery which they say has contributed to the arrest of the seven.

The law enforcers have since vowed to arrest all criminals who are terrorising the city and other districts.



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  2. These hoodlums shud thank their God for the police arrested them. tikana burner zimenezi. Nde inu apolice m’mawa ndaone agalu amenewa mchilindemu, tionetsana

  3. Weldone, ndizo zofunika zimenezo osati zothandiza kuba pamene ndinu anthu oteteza.

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