Police arrest two suspected killers of albino boy


Police in Machinga district have arrested two people in connection with the abduction and murder of a nine year-old boy with albinism in the district.

Machinga police spokesperson Davie Sulumba confirmed the arrests and identified the two as Innocent Lyson Kennedy, 29, and Justice Masitala, 36.

He said the suspected killers were arrested during a sweeping exercise the law enforcers conducted in the district on Monday.

PoliceThe sweeping exercise was conducted in the areas of Chikweo, Ngokwe, Kapoloma and Ng’ambi in the district.

Last month, police arrested Elias Chatha for being suspected to have taken part in the brutal murder of the child whose head was found in a decomposed state in the district

During the exercise on Monday, police also arrested eight other people for various offences.

Among the suspects was a woman identified as Patuma Asima of Mitawa village Traditional Authority Bwananyambi of Mangochi district who was nabbed for unauthorised use of land.

The other suspects are Lyson Jeke, 24, of Wandikana village T/A Chowe Mangochi district, Andile Lax Ndile, 40, of Nsisi village T/A Chikweo Machinga, Kampala Shaibu, 24, of Issa village T/A Nkoola who was nabbed for being found in possession of cannabis sativa and Elias Wadi, 34, of Nkolingo village T/A Chikweo of Machinga who was arrested for operating a bar without licence.
According to Sulumba the sweeping exercise was aimed at strengthening security in Machinga district.



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  2. Hey u officers stop arresting this people just kill em,i think the gvt its not protect these albino people,new raws must be set before we loose this beautiful people, i love em they a part of us

  3. Zalakwika bad kugwidwa ndi A police akanagwidwa ndi anthu wamba kuti awaotche basi asadzaonekenso cz akapita ku khoti timva chigamulo cha MASIKU ATATU akagwile ntchito yakalavula gaga kenako kubwelako very shiti zandinyasa HEAVY

  4. Lamulo limanena kuti opha m’zake nayenso aphedwe,ndiye mwachitapo chani popeza timafunika titamva zoti anthu amenewo nawonso anyongedwa.Kodi ndende ya mkoweko idasiya kugwila ntchito?.Apolisi nanuso samalani mwina mukukhudzidwa ndinkhaniyi,popeza zangolowa chipwilikiti masiku ano.Kupata samathamangila chifukwa udzagwela m’mbuna ngati fisi ndiye siudzalankhulapo mpaka atakubaya nawo m’kondo.Tikufuna boma lichitepo kanthu osati timve mawa ati atulutsidwa, ndiye muziwona njuchi zosowa kochokela.


  6. They should also be quizzed as to why they kill them and the whole system be uprooted.

    I personally have problems with the so called witchcraft act. I yearn for day when this act shall be repealed and replaced with a more relevant one. For instance, if we have some laws which fight against any kind of torture and killings; be it to the elderly or any other age group. In this case, we can have all those NGOs defending any forms of abuse perpetrated against the elderly under the pretext that there is no witchcraft. I feel organizations like what is called Secular Humanism should champion a common cause of all Malawians. They are quite with all these spate of persecutions against people with albinism because the word witchcraft has not been mentioned. Killing is killing.

    Did they not hear on one local radio that one child from hope Balaka was kidnapped to Mozambique through witchcraft and grew up there not knowing, the people she called biological parents were not. She only learnt about this after both parents died. We need to work as a team for the betterment of mother Malawi.

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  8. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii apolice dont bring this to media!!!!!, tangokonzani, ngati ndizovuta nenani ti burner ife zimenezi kkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. Ndidikila kumva chigamulo chogwila mtima osati chaka chimodzi ayi. Albino ndi anthu ngati ife tomwe ndiye alangidwe mokwanila ndiiiiiiithu.

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