Mzuzu arrested protesters given bail


The Senior Magistrate Court in Mzuzu has granted bail to protesters who were arrested on Monday in a vigil against the Peter Mutharika led government.

CourtThe nine members of Mzuzu Youth Association were arrested because of insisting on going ahead with a vigil that had been called off by their chairperson.

According to a statement read in court by Senior Resident Magistrate Major Mbewe, the protesters were arrested for conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

However, the nine accused persons denied the charges that were laid against them.

Lawyer representing the state, Vicness Simwinga asked the court to give them a 7-day period to investigate the matter and find witnesses.

She further asked the court to send the accused to Mzuzu Prison as the government will be investigating. However, their lawyer said his clients have not committed any offence but were just practicing their right to assemble and demonstrate.

He further asked the court to grant bail to his clients as it is their right to access bail under proper procedures.

Resident Magistrate Mbewe granted bail to the nine protesters under the conditions that each of the accused will be their own surety, should be registering to Mzuzu police station every fortnight and should surrender all their traveling documents.

The case has since been adjourned to a date that will be communicated later.



  1. at least we still have judges who will apply the laws ethically! malawi is a land of freedom so we will enjoy our rights to the fullest

  2. It’s just rubbish police, why they arrest those people just leave them they must wakalyenge waka kondowolo wawo.

  3. Dont you know we have given free-dom, where was you? You just proof your self that you’re not a citizen that is

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