Catholic Bishops denounce ‘evil’ homosexuality


As the controversial issue of same-sex marriage in Malawi refuses to die, Roman Catholic Bishops have denounced homosexuality acts as evil.

In a letter issued on Sunday and titled ‘Mercy of God as a path of hope; On Current Socio-Political and Economic Issues in Malawi Social-Political and Economic issues in Malawi’, the Catholic Bishops have condemned the practice and urged government not to give in to pressure from the donor community.

Said the bishops: “In front of the homosexual orientation and homosexual persons, the attitude of the church is not-judgemental, yes their condition is disorder but not sinful in itself, however when it comes to homosexual acts or unions, the Church does not mince words: these are objectively evil and totally unacceptable.”

Malawi Catholic Bishops

Malawi Catholic Bishops have made a stern warning against legalization of same sex marriages.

The church says it condemns gay acts because they are against Malawi’s cultural values and are contrary to the country’s laws and beliefs.

The bishops said: “The family and the institution of marriage between man and woman are under direct attack from those campaigning for homosexual rights and homosexual unions.”

In the statement, the Catholic Bishops have accused the Peter Mutharika administration of bowing down to pressure from donors to suspend laws on homosexuality in the country, saying they find government’s behaviour “very unfortunate.”

Said the Catholic Bishops: “It is an act of betrayal on the part of those in power to sell our country to foreign practices and tendencies.”

The bishops have also expressed support for the Young Pastors Coalition who successfully removed through the courts a moratorium government put on laws governing homosexual laws.

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