Muslim youth urged to empower themselves with education

Muslim Youths

Muslim youth in the country have been urged to put extra effort in both secular and Islamic studies if they are to be leaders of Islam and Malawi at large.

Sheikh Shareef Kaisi, who is an official from Muslim Association of Malawi, made the remarks at Lilongwe Technical College during a get-together for Muslim youth that was organised by Lilongwe Technical College Muslim Students Union (LTCMSU).

Muslim Youths
A cross section of Muslim Youths the get together.

Sheikh Kaisi claimed that drug and substance abuse as well as early marriages are some of practices that are making young Muslims not to succeed with their education.

“You need to work extra harder in both secular and Islamic studies, it worries us going in banks across the country and not even coming across a female teller in hijab, its high time for you to work hard and hold such  posh positions in the country,” Mr Kaisi said.

On his part, Patron of Lilongwe Technical College Muslim Students Association, Mhango, expressed concern that there are few educated Muslims.

Mhango who is a catholic said he accepted to patron the Muslim youth in order to encourage them to work hard in their studies so that they can attain good positions.

The theme for the gathering was “Muslim youth in the contemporary world” and it brought together Muslim youth from Lilongwe Technical College, Don Bosco Technical College, Luanar, Salima Technical College, Malawi Institute of Journalism, and Kamuzu College of Nursing (KCN).

At the function the young people showcased various activities such as dramas, poems, Islamic lectures, recitation of the Quran and narrating hadeeths.



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  2. Unfortunately,even quaran denies islam.Muslims do not know islam,….out of 6666 verses,Jesus name appears 25 times,mohamad only 2, Mary(marriam) has a special chapter in quaran, no family of Muhammed is explained in any chapter,the quaran sayz Jesus in childhood made a cow from clay,breathed in it and became live,mohamad dd nothing,mohamad died and will never come back again,Jesus will come again says the quaran,quaran mentions God father,son &holy spirit,son=jesus,so they say God never begotten,true God never begotten,but remember through words God created,the quaran says if u don’t believe in it,go and read the bible or ask bible reader ,u were born in Muslim family thats why you are a Muslim,dnt say u understand islam

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  4. Islam is not terrirism…go dipper!osat izi za apetrz

    1. Wow what agood news….everybody should understand that islam is not terrorism…nde bwenz galu iwe uli pa dziko pano?usandlankhulitse kuipa wanva

  5. Kusonyeza kut maganizo munalinawo oti mukapita kusukulu akakudyesani nkhumba mwa ataya? Ngat ndichoncho mwachita bwino,ndipo mupitilize.

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  7. Iam not sure cz most of them likely to be Watchmans’ in the shops Aa Mwenye cz of greedy inorder to receive things Such as Clothes,shoes,Robes,Food and so on.

  8. Iam not sure cz most of them likely to be Watchmans’ in the shops Aa Mwenye cz of greedy inorder to receive things Such as Clothes,shoes,Robes,Food and so on.

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