‘Peoples Party leadership had the welfare of Malawians at heart’


Northern region chiefs who blasted People’s Party (PP) for being behind the current woes Malawi is into, need to revisit their arguments as the former ruling party has gone out to clear its name saying it helped Malawians before it came out of power two years ago.

A grouping of chiefs from the North told a press conference that it remains imperative to blame the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for the current socio-economic woes arguing the blame should go to the PP administration as led by Joyce Banda which it labeled as a ‘careless government’.

” The hunger situation is not from the government, it’s a result of the continued climate change. Why must we blame the President on that. On the economic crisis, you may recall how we lost money through the Cashgate scandal, and it’s not this government that was in power then,” said one of the chiefs who attended the presser.

Banda: Cleared of the current woes.

Banda: Cleared of the current woes.

But this has not gone well with PP, a party under whose watch the scandal happened; seeing Billions of Kwacha being looted.

In an interview with Malawi24, PP Publicist, Ken Msonda was quick to say the party well respects the stance made by the chiefs who might have been exercising their freedom of expression.

‘’Peoples Party played its rightful role as representative of the poor masses who are suffering out there; people who are having problems to access maize in ADMARC markets, patients who are sleeping on empty stomachs in hospitals, Private Sector Entrepreneurs who are not being paid by government, business people who are paying high interests rates in banks and companies that are laying off people because our economy is not ticking not to mention kwacha’s poor trading against the dollar,’’ he said a response which ameliorates the former ruling party.

He further revealed that the PP stands by the call for Mutharika to step down if his government does not make available maize in Admarc depots in a period thirty days.

‘’ We are glad that government took heed of our call and now we are told maize is coming in the country. We are monitoring the situation with keen interest.’’

However, the DPP administration has been saying there is no maze crisis in Malawi yet and a visit by Malawi24 to most Admarc depots lately has revealed that locals are scrambling for the resource, whose scarcity has been fuelling of corruption by the officials in the markets.

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