CHRR slams Mutharika’s resignation calls


Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has hit out at people who are calling for Malawi President Peter Mutharika to resign, saying there is nothing justifying the calls.

Communications Officer for CHRR Fletcher Simwaka said the organisation is not supporting those who are saying the president should step down

Mutharika facing impeachment calls

Being called to step down.

”We are not on the stand that the president must step down but we are asking those who are saying that to bring proper facts,” said Simwaka.

He added that at the moment the organisation has not seen anything warranting the calls for the president to resign hence those who are saying so must bring solutions to the problems facing the country.

He however advised government to take into consideration the resolutions made at the recent meeting organised by the Public Affairs Committee (PAC).

”We are appealing that government should put into action the issues raised at PAC meeting because we have had such meeting before but we did not see its fruits,” he said.

Simwaka said such conferences can help address the problems facing the country.

Recently, opposition parties demanded that the president should resign saying he has failed to steer the countries out of economic problems. They also cited the shortage of maize as another reason for Mutharika to call it quits.  

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