Tay Grin, Gwamba at each other’s throats

Limbani Kalilani Tay Grin

…Diktator takes on Piksy as the battle for supremacy intensifies

The battle for a kingpin is heating up between Gwamba, who earlier this year announced his redemption, and Tay Grin.

Limbani Kalilani Tay Grin
Tay Grin battles with Gwamba (below) for number one spot

The face-off has been instigated by Gwamba’s Better and Chipapapa that Tay Grin released with Nigeria multi-award winning singer, 2 Baba (formerly called 2 Face).

The two hip-hop giants are currently battling it out on the Malawi Music Top 10 Urban Music Chart.

The Nyau King’s Chipapapa which was produced by DJee Sley of Chit Chat Records has dethroned Gwamba from the top position in the urban music top 10 chart as other renowned artists are watching in awe as to who between the two will control the chart for a longer period.

Produced by BFB with Emmq and Tammy lending their bars and voices respectively, Gwamba first gospel single took just a few hours of its release on 27 January to chart on position 1. With a resounding 90,000 command on download as of press time, the highly addictive song smashed download records within 24 hours of its release.

It however only enjoyed the comfort for a limited time as a week later Chipapapa snatched the number one position on the chart. The Nyau King, the reigning champion as we went to press, is just a few downloads shy of the 50,000 count.

Gwamba”s Better has been a smash hit

The battle for supremacy within the chart is also spreading among other urban artists with former Airtel brand ambassador, Piksy, facing a possible elimination from the chart. His Chitosi track which features Junior C and Nyakwawa Annie Matumbi is anchoring the chart on position 10 whereas DJ cum rapper, Diktator Level Ina is a position away from the top 5.

Capital city based gospel rapper, Suffix is a surprise package in the chart, occupying 3rd position with Mkazi wa Kumwamba alongside Faith Mussa.

Here is how the Malawi Music Urban chart looks like as of today.

1. Tay Grin- Chipapapa ft 2Baba

2. Gwamba- Better ft Emmq and Tammy

3. Suffix- Mkazi wa Kumwamba ft Faith Mussa

4. Various artists- Kajive theme song (Blasto, BFB,Annie Matumbi, Fredokiss, Sanjay, Nesnes, Gwamba, Krayzie G, Maskal, Piksy)

5. Wamphamvu- San B ft Nepman and Young Kay

6. Diktator- Level ina ft Daredevils

7. Stitch Fray- Iwe ndi ine

8. Martse- Tukutuku ft Malaulo

9. Variuos artists- Tsegula tiwerengeko (Nepman, Mafo, Kabol and Dan Lu)

10. Piksy- Chitosi ft Junior C and Annie Matumbi

For the whole chart, click here



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