Lilongwe chiefs rebuke MCP legislator


Chiefs from Lilongwe Makuyu North Constituency have reproached their Member of Parliament (MP) for being unconcerned with the area’s development activities.

Angry. (File)

The chiefs said Walesi Chipuwa, who is a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) MP never consult them before going to Parliament and he does not report to them on what transpired at the National Assembly.

The traditional leaders made the remarks during a meeting which USAID and NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN) organised with support from National Democratic Institute (NDI).

In reaction to the accusations, Chipuwa said he had been previously conducting the meetings with the village development committees in the area. Chipuwa also wondered why the chiefs were not aware of the meetings.

In his remarks GCN official, Victor Maulidi commended such meetings saying they will encourage accountability as well as reinforcing community developments among leaders.

The meeting was organised with the purpose of encouraging the relationship between elected leaders and their chiefs.



  1. This is good feedback for Chipuwa. Please visit your chiefs and make things write. Start with TAs. understanding their stand and concerns. Then find out how you can strengthen the ADCs and then VDCs. So you have two wings to deal with in principle – chiefs wing and then the elected committees. Again you have the extension workers from health, forestry, water development, agriculture, veterinary, education (teachers) etc. Then you have Councillors. That’s how you balance your effectiveness as an MP. Establish a plan with these groups – frequency of meetings. Priorities, Roles and responsibilities etc.

  2. Mukwina Mumapanga Zofunazanu Nde Ndizo Akuukilani. Musova.

  3. Madabwe atseka? Mafumu tamalowetsan ana muzidya za mznda ni zimbwnda

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