Plan B: Malawian teen commits suicide to escape school


A sombre mood has swallowed up Dumbulila village in Nkhatabay where a 15 year-old boy was found dead after hanging himself.

According to a suicide note, the boy, Chrispine Mwale, said he wanted to escape his parents’ zeal to get him educated.

It is believed that he hated each time his parents encouraged him to go to school because he already had his own plans that did not require him to be an intellectual.

Malawi Primary school“He was walking with a gang of school drop-outs who are alleged to have influenced him to hate education. However, his parents insisted on encouraging him to be educated for his own better future. This seems to have irked him and he decided to hang himself,” said one villager.

Malawi24 understands that the deceased was expected to sit for Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations (PSLCE) in May.

Speaking on the issue, Police Publicist for Nkhatabay, Ignatius Esau urged teenagers to avoid associating with bad friends saying they usually they have bad influence.

He also advised parents to find better means of advising their children rather than insulting them, a tendency which usually leads to such incidences.

The deceased hailed from Dumbulila village Traditional Authority M’bwana in Nkhatabay district.

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