Govt hailed for public works programme in Mzuzu

Public Works Programme

The Malawi Government has been applauded for enabling local authorities to facilitate successful Public Work Programmes (PWP) across Mzuzu city.

The remarks were made by beneficiaries of the project’s first phase who received their wages in some wards across the city on Thursday.

They emphasized that the money will help them access most basic needs, particularly maize which is currently on high demand.

Public Works Programme
Public Works Programme

“However, with the current cost of living, I would love if they increase our wage to at least MK 20,000 so that the project achieves its purpose of easing poverty,” said Mirriam Phiri in Mchengautuba West Ward.

Another beneficiary in Mzilawayingwe east Dickson Mkandawire hailed the current government for continuing the project saying usually with the change of government, they thought things will change to bad as well.

Bernard Zimba, a beneficiary from Chibavi thanked authorities from Mzuzu City Council for successfully conducting the first phase without many challenges.

“Even though some names were missing on the list but unlike in the past, this year things have gone well,” he said.

On their part, authorities from the city council hailed the people for working honestly saying they have made the city look clean.

They further urged them to take this practice as a habit even in times when they are not selected to take part in the Social Cash Transfer Project.

Related projects are being done across the country where people have been assigned to do various works at a wage of MK7,200 for 12 days of work.

Malawi24 has been told that the project’s second phase will commence soon.

Government began the project with an intention to ease poverty and to help people get money to buy food.



  1. Must government always implement this programs,sure this is how the dependencay has been created,masters for slaves,we did not live like this before,invasion,and wetsrnisation,and money,the paper,governmens sold their sole for,and gave their resources,and creted poverty in their lands,why do your people not plant at their homes,they need land,they can use rainwater or well water,why do you want your people dependent on you,it is the sytem,and who control your governmens,increasing salaries,paper,will not help,the ones,who took your resources,will increase verythign then,petrol,food clothes,the devils,whom you aligned with has done this,as the governments love money

  2. Nanga nkhani ikhale yakugwa basi. Kodi iye ndi Mulungu kuti asagwe? Very tired of foolish people who are fond of talking nonsense.

  3. Inu nkhani izitha, basi chimene mukudziwa ndikugwa kwa a pulezidenti palibenso wina munamuona atagwa mudzaona ngati athu ndi oipatu.

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