Youths dream of ending mob justice in 2016


Following rampant cases of mob justice in 2015, youth advocates in the country say there is need for massive community sensitization campaigns on consequences of mob justice in order to reduce the cases this year.

In an interview with Malawi24, executive director for Youth Initiative for Community Development (YICOD), Andrew Bwanali, said mob justice can be reduced if people have knowledge on the negative results of the acts.knife-blood

“This growing habit is uncalled for and we urge our fellow Malawians that we should not take the law into our own hands.
“We recommend that there should be massive sensitisation campaigns on consequences of mob justice. People should report cases in good time so that the police should act accordingly,” said Bwanali.

He however explained that some of the cases of mob justice come due to public dissatisfaction with law enforcers and the country’s justice so there is need for stiff punishments.

He said: “Unresolved cases are leading to mob justice hence the courts should also be careful when giving out bail to some suspects. Law enforcers should arrest the perpetrators and give them stiff punishments so that other people should not repeat these increasing mob justices.”



  1. Tapangan mukganizazo koma ma gay nde mob justice 4 eva!

  2. Youth, what will do with law enforcers who delibarately release or not arrest the criminals?

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