Mwanza residents mercilessly kill suspected thief


At a time when Malawi Police Service continues to warn people against mob justice, an irate mob in Mwanza district chose to ‘deal’ with a man they caught stealing their own way.

Mwanza Thief


According to Police, the people  on 23rd December caught a man aged 47, whose names are yet to be given was caught breaking into a house together with his accomplice.

‘’They managed to break into two houses and when they were breaking into a third house, they were caught by the angry community members. The deceased friend managed to escape and the mob beat up the culprit severely to death.’’ Malawi Police Service posted on Facebook.

According to police, the slain thief died after he unceasingly bled internally.

‘’The Malawi Police Service is advising the general public however, to desist from taking the law into their own hands.’’, police have advised.


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