Man who escaped from Mulanje Prison arrested again


Malawi Police in the commercial city of Blantyre have arrested one of the five inmates who escaped Mulanje Prison whilst receiving medical treatment at Mulanje hospital.

Limbe deputy police publicist, Pedzetsai Dzembeneko, has identified him as Alex Ali, 29, and said he got re-arrested on Tuesday after being at large for at least two and a half months.

The publicist says the man got nabbed by some Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers who have been looking for him since he and other friends escaped prison.

Prisoner blocked. 

Dzembeneko says the prisoner was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment with hard labour for breaking into a building.

Meanwhile, police says they are still looking for the other four inmates who bolted together with Ali. At the hospital, there were six inmates but one refused to go along with his friend’s idea.

Ali, who hails from Dazi village in the area of Traditional Authority Kwataine in Ntcheu district, will soon appear before court to answer charges of escaping from prison and if found guilty he will be sentenced to two years imprison.



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