Kachere residents complain of Mzedi dumping site

dump site

People in Kachere Township in Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre and surrounding areas have complained that Mzedi dumping site is full and is becoming hazardous to human beings.

At the moment, Mzedi dumping site is surrounded by manufacturing industries and people’s settlements a situation deemed to be a health hazard to human beings.

Commenting on the matter, Blantyre City Council’s director of health and services Emmanuel Kanjunju said they are aware of the situation and plans are underway for the construction of a new dumping site.

dump site
Area affected.


“We are yet to be allocated as we are waiting for the ministry of lands and housing to provide us with land to construct a new dumping site,” said Kanjunju.

He further said that the problem they had was to acquire a new site as Chigumula was the area they thought would be conducive for the construction of a new dumping site but due to a survey conducted by the ministry of lands and housing the area has been excluded.

“We thought Chigumula was a good site but according to the survey by the ministry of lands and housing the place is not suitable for a dumping site and we need to apply another application,” he said.

Kanjunju added that currently they are trying to minimise environmental impacts at the site in order to protect the lives of people around Mzedi dumping site.



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