World Bank gives Malawi MK 6 Billion


The World Bank has donated about K6 billion to be used under Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF) 4 project which will support Malawians in the country through development projects.

The program has targeted 360 households from all the 28 districts in the country with the aim of alleviating poverty levels in the country.


Work hard!!!!!!!

The programme’s finance director Harry Mwamulima said Masafu 4 has been organized in an effective way to identify the most needy people in various districts. He however added that the project has put emphasis on each sector such as roads and conserving environment among others.

“MASAF 4 will try to improve all the areas that is planting of trees, clearing road and many more ” he said.

According to Mwamulima all the beneficiaries will be registered according to the number of the family members. He added that the program will run for three years .

Mwamulima has since asked all the beneficiaries to be cooperative during the process.

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