Mzuzu Police rounds up street kids

police malawi

Police in action (File Photo)

Malawi police in the Northern region city of  Mzuzu  have conducted an exercise with the aim of removing street kids from the city’s streets.

Northern region police publicist Sub-Inspector Maurice Chapola said that there are a lot of street kids in the city and some of them are orphans while others are sent by their parents to beg in the streets.

“We have observed that with exposure, they easily indulge into criminal activities while others are defiled,” Chapola said.

He indicated that they have decided to conduct sensitization campaigns to civic educate parents.

Sub-Inspector Chipola also said they will arrest parents who encourage their children to beg in the streets.



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  5. Iwe Pig Swiswiri undisamale. Kuda ngati kuseri kwa m’buka. Pa Malawi pano tikati mbuzi za anthu ndi atumbuka.Nawo akazi nkhwangwa zokhazokha.

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  7. As much as the kids infest the cities, arresting them is against the child protection act. The kids should be sent for rehabilitation and repatriation to their homes. Parents who refuse responsibility of their children should be punished as per according to the Act. Kids are innocent… It never was their plan to be in the streets. But someone failed them!

  8. Though I have realised that my comments never get published in this news paper but this is I’ll thought strategy as issue is not police matter but for social workers