Mutharika’s govt falling out

Peter Mutharika

…un recruited doctors run away from Malawi

Malawi President Peter Mutharika
His govt has come under fire.

Just when the Malawi leader keeps making promises of putting his heart on the welfare of Malawians, President Peter Mutharika’s government has found itself in yet another mess.

This time around, its the health sector.

Fresh reports that Malawi24  has been following show that trained medical doctors whose anger seems not to have shaken government for not being recruited are reported fleeing to fetch for greener pastures outside the country.

This comes months after government denied to recruit over 100 doctors trained across the country.

Information says after some medics landed lucrative jobs in Lesotho, a multitude of others followed the same footprints.

Local reports say that this has irked the Medical Doctors in Malawi whose President, Douglas Lungu has railed at government for letting the doctors fetch jobs outside Malawi instead  of helping the citizens of this country.

Lungu who led others recently in pushing government to rope in the graduates feels that it is a wastage of resources to train people who the same government can not employ at all.

Martha Kwataine
Kwataine: This is a waste.

Activists including vocal Martha Kwataine have all since railed at the Mutharika led government for failing in regards to the matter.

Approximately this means government lost over MK 500 million to train the 21 doctors who are having flamboyant job offers outside Malawi.

Some of the doctors wrote to Malawi24 that they are working in very big private hospitals and that they have been treated so well and are receiving propelling salaries.

At the moment, there remains a big likelihood that more doctors even those serving in hospitals in Malawi may also join their colleagues.

Some of the woes doctors in Malawi complain about are low pays, lack of incentives and delayed pays.



  1. “Moyo siophweka monga mukuganiza” & Chaka chatsoka,.. You planned to get married soon afta get employed by the gorvenment,. Pamene paja boma limadzangolengeza kuti lasiya kulemba anthu ntchito. Predicted basic salary ija nkudzangofika pa MK0.00

  2. We’re reaping what we sow. We voted them into power but we didn’t follow them up, we trusted them. It’s time that we love our country by being honest and doing what is right.
    Relation should be shovelled out to avoid shielding of our blood relations who are in the driving wheel.

  3. Do you know that the same government of Peter Wamunthalika 2 dayz ago has promised CIVO service players to offer them gd Jobs yet they are failling to offer jobs to proffessional why r they contradctng thingz???

  4. no one is sabotaging the donors bwampini is, he must resign because he and his thief dead brother stole K577bilion and the donors want the culprits arrested will bwampin arrest himself? no so he must go or no donor money which translates problems after problems for Malawi because of 1 selfish thief bwampini

  5. Amangwetu pilizi konzani chizungu. “Fetch for jobs” nde kuti chani?? “Railed” muyang’ane mu dictionary kumasulira kwache. Chonde pilizi yesetsani!!

  6. What shud d president do ? Dont u kno dat Malawi has no money due to sabotage of donors due to cashgate during pp government ? Now dis government has introduced taxes to cover for the 40% donors pulled out BUT still complaining ? Takonzanitu dziko liyende bwino inuyo odziwanu

    1. cashgate started long time back before pp & jb government. don’t waste your precious time backing this old man apm. he is a failure. just think back whem he held the education ministry. he failed so solve the chanco issue, how can the same man solve country issues!!! this old man is not sofisticated.

    2. I agree with you if we run away from the truth but if we face the reality of the truth and be honest castigate didn’t start here, PP. Why is B. Muluzi being taken to court?
      Let’s be honest as Malawians if we want to develop. We separate running a country with relation.

    3. @carlos. Kodi manyi a mwezi watha ndi alero amanunkha ndi ati ? Im not backng any1 but am presentng facts. Malawians have a tendency of blamng leaders instead of takng a pro active role in developng dis country. Indeed, freedom of expression and democracy has ruined dis country hence citizens just make empty noise.

    4. Mr Monty, the economy was first plundered by the dpp gvt. Every malawian knows this fact, or have you just returned from Vanuatu?-that is if you know where it is. Pse this is your country, learn to love it.

  7. why train when u cannot keep? they are gone for good who can come back with our salary structures.

  8. Dnt cry ova split water,whn cardiac arrest comes who wl resuscitate u yet u hv thrown these skilled Doctor away? Watch ur step 2019 is coming!

  9. Keep it up doctors, they thought they have done with you. Pali mwambi woti mukazi amanyasa ukamukwata. Sindimaliza

  10. mutharika is a very good manipulator, selfcentred arrogant and non-compassionate towards the colapsing of our economy. He doesn’t listen to anybody’s advice.He is not good for our country.maybe he should try to apply for some vacancies in the United states suitable for what he studied for.fokofuuuuuuu!

  11. Sitima imapweka akamayendesa wina kumati ndikanakhala ine ndikanaponda krasha kenako ndikuika mu gear. Munasala kudya masana ndi usiku pofuna mpandowo.Lelo mungo nyutura pena palinse sitima ikukana kuyenda.

  12. Panga lako boma tili onele ligwe pompano pa mesa munakanika kale kuyendesa boma ndalama kumaika mmapant now let others do their work! Or akanakhalapo iyeyo munakalemba ntchito manurse stupid admin and the …….. Iwowo

  13. Having Them Right Here In Malawi Or Not Having Them Is All The Same Gentlemen,After All We Follow Them To Either Private Clinics They Go Or Abroad.Monga Tidzinamizana Kuti Zipatala Za Boma Ma Doctor Amapezeka Ndikumathandiza Nthawi Yomwe Tikuwafuna?Zinakakhala Choncho Poti Sibwenzi Titataya Abale Ndi Anzathu Okondedwa Ochuluka Chifukwa Chosowa Ndalama Zokalipira Ku Ma Private Clinics.The Reality Is They Really Are Trained By Government But Only A Few Remain And Work For Their Country.Enawa Ndi Mabodza Chabe.

  14. What this gvt z doing is wastng of resources,just imagine over k50m hav used to train 19thousand teachers bt nt recruit the.what z that? Ponena nkumat ndkupitisa patsogolo maphunziro pophunzitsa maphunzitsi kuwonesesa kt teacher learner ratio nd 1:40,ZACHAMBA!

    1. Many of unemployed trained medics trained themselves just fancy everyone at college is paying him/herself. So nothing wrong to work anywhere. Many of our brothers and sisters after attending free primary education have nothing to do they are in RSA. Malawi govt is releaved.

  15. Ayende bwino, senofobiya ikayamba kumeneko atipeza. However after national registration of IDs if they are not here we’ll treat them as foreigners

  16. You reporters, just report the way the issue is. Do not make conclusions on your own. Kod school yake iti ya utolankhani munapitayo?? SkyWay, BIM,or wat?? nanga MIJ or Poly ingamaphunzitse nyansizi??

  17. Palibe nkhani if they land into greener pastures, its fine because what we need is money which this govt does not have. If they stay here they will die of poverty. Otherwise govt has still helped its citizens by giving them a skill to survive on. It doesnt matter where they are going to survive in the world provided they are useful. They will develop Malawi as they build their homes help relatives etc.


  19. That’s the only way to do it. Who’s fault and who to blame ?

  20. Mudziyankhula inu a DPP ntchito kunyoza munyozenitu president polephela kulemba ntchito komaso kukweza ma salaries

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