Mutharika against democracy

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika
Democracy a curse

President Peter Mutharika remarked in Parliament today that democracy is a ‘curse’ to Malawi and that human rights including the freedom of expressions is a waste and bad for the country, Malawi24 reports.

The remarks which are likely to draw the wrath of human rights activists follow a nationwide outcry accusing Mutharika as a visionless leader failing to inspire Malawi’s economic growth.

“Sadly our democracy seems to have taken away our national duty and sense of responsibility. Our freedom of speech has become a celebration for blaming and counter-blaming one another. We are wasting precious time. Our style of democracy seems to be our curse more than a blessing for us”

Mutharika issued the remarks while presiding over the opening of the 46th session of the Malawi National Assembly.



  1. No matter what Mr President, do what else you see is helpful to us!

  2. ‘democracy’ is word driven from latin word’demon cracy’ which meant the “Satanic Arm”. Sorry am not a DPP but Peter is right, I neither support it. No wonder these people who brought the so called democracy is now want us to be Sodomites. Sorry again I have not used the word ‘gays’ here cause I have no problem with its meaning, which meant “happy and joyous.” why do they use that word to refer Sodomites?

  3. I wholeheartedly support Mr president, infact for malawi to be developed dictatorship must step in or there must be a reformatiom about these “freedom of expressions thing”because even malawians give out there views in thousands different ways of how to run the government,so how do you expect a single brain to compile all those views and make every Malawian impressed??a Malawi amzanga tasegulani maso,ma cashgate osewa its because the person in power knows kut:ndichokapo pampandopa so i have to do my own part,ndipangiletu chuma this is my time.Thats why mutha kuona kuti kuchoka kwa our former late life president ngwazi Dr Hestings Kamuzu Banda,Presdent aliyese atabwele akumachoka ndi chithumba komaso sakumaimbidwa mlandu monga mmene aMalawi timayembekezela….kale lija timkati vuto kunali kusadziwa pano tadziwa koma tikukanika kukomza kodi tikuyembekezela muthu wina achokele kuti oti asithe zithu mziko muno??together we can make it..”.together we stand devided we fall” fear gives out nothing,lets wake up Malawians and make a wise decision to develope our mother Malawi the warm heart of Africa”Dzuka Malawi ndikale lija unayamba kugona”l…..those intrested lets share views on my facebook page”DREAM TEAM MALAWI”

  4. You need to read the president’s speech between the lines and understand what he said. If English is your problem, then quit this profession and join farming than giving us nonsense reports. Divide and rule principle which you are advocating, is not good for our consumption as malawians. Who is the owner of malawi24? He is worse than a dog.

  5. Kkkk chiyambi chodziwa chabwino ndi choyipa m’munda mwa eden pamene nkhondo inayamba malemba akutelo pakati pa mulungu ndi satana

  6. Chifukwa chiyani ndikuona mtundu umodzi ukutukwana zomwezi ndi ufulu wake

  7. The quote you have presented here does not mean the way you have put it in the lead. Be serious with interpreting things Malawi24. The speaker here is not trashing Democry, rather he is condemning the wrong use to which the same has been put to!

  8. The quote you have presented here does not mean the way you have put it in the lead. Be serious with interpreting things Malawi24. The speaker here is not trashing Democry, rather he is condemning the wrong use to which the same has been put to!

  9. Basi chizungu munangomva pokhapo? Kodi amalawi bwanji kusamvesa zinthu!? Upiteso kuxool wamva? Cz dnt let pipo mind and c ur fuck post

  10. I think if there is an editor, then its high tym to get rid of him. pliz read the statement fifteen times may be u will get the meaning out of it. very shameful article. Don’t make the rest of M24 reporters as failures…..

  11. But this ROBBOT will definately lead us direction yolakwika. Indeed ur brother is totally different same father same mother rule doesnt apply here. Malawians open ur eyes wider.

  12. The concept of democracy has no meaning to poor and shallow brains like that of Mw24.Democracy needs custody and limit.A misconception to Mw24,shame on you!!!

  13. Whch xul did malawi 24 journalist went 2? Ur work is 2 deliver truth nt participatng in politics affiliations dats stupid reportng.

  14. The choice of MEC and Judge Nyarenda after giving them bundles of green mats.

  15. True Mr president. We put too much energy on irrelevant arguments and division while the masses are suffering. some people such as CSO’s benefit financially from such unnecessary arguments. Lets all build Malawi and oppose sensibly. From day one Peter has been attacked, Malawians lets work up and smell the coffee. You cant be in a campaign mode for 5 years. Ok you say DPP stole the 2014 elections, MCP and company why did you not contest with the courts. Chakwera you were there at Peter’s inauguration, meaning that you accepted him, although painfully rather subjecting us to such hard times. It is your efforts that is keeping away development partners and foreign direct investments and who suffers it is us the Povo. Lets stop these unnecessary criticism and build Malawi together. By the way we are the poorest nation in the world and i foresee this status quo being maintained as long as we are poor in mind and start to see the broader picture rather than our selfish minds. Malawi is not the first country to be involved in cash gate. Other countries have plundered resources 100 times more than Malawi, but they dont wash their dirty linen in public. Let us be mature, they more corrupt countries than malawi but i have never had about forensic auditors being hired from UK. We give these foreigners an opportunity to abuse us.

  16. Is that all you quoted him saying? I thought there are many points articulated more than that. If he said that then we need you to run a battle against his mind. I really got him right than your stupidity of misunderstanding

  17. Vuto lokhala mutchona, he doesn’t know that many of our brothers and uncles died for the very same democracy he enjoys, but ignorantly he curses. Nobody begged him to be the President, he campaigned for it. So he should not take Malawians for granted, period

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