Insecurity irks Kyungu


Malawi’s influential Paramount chief Kyungu of Karonga district has said rampant brutal killings happening in his territory are negatively affecting his authority and dignity in the area.

Kyungu was responding to a Malawi24 interview on the current state of affairs in the Ngonde district which some quarters have christened Babylon as a result of ruthless killings.

The chief has so far condemned the practice citing they scare prospective investors in the district as people now assume the place is full of blood thirsty gangsters who kill for fun.

“They misrepresent Karonga. Our district is not like the way these people are trying to paint. We are peaceful thus the practice has brought us shame,” said Kyungu.

Kyungu: Angered.

This publication understands that there have been an increase in murder cases in the district with the recent one being of village headman Mwandende who was killed by his own subjects.

Mwandende whose real name was Alfred Mwangosi, aged 59, is said to have some leadership problems which his subjects who did not like.

In 2010 hell broke loose as people burnt houses in protest of his leadership.He was then removed on the post and Robert Mwandende who many subjects loved replaced him.

Last month he went to reclaim his authority from Kyungu who restored him. This made people angry and decided to express their displeasure by killing him in cold blood.

Kyungu said that such acts are uncalled for and as a paramount chief he will make sure that peace and order are restored in his reign.

“Killing a traditional leader? That is totally unacceptable and as the paramount chief I will make sure this must end,” he said.

Meanwhile it is yet to be known if the paramount will achieve his wish as some reports indicate that a man had also been killed in the area during the afternoon hours of yesterday.



  1. I won’t sit back and keep watching such kind of nonsense in my country. let’s put efforts together n do something

  2. wanyakaronga chatamya chintchi, , mulibamobene ftoghoghana hagha linga fyatamya tuyobeshana twabanthu,,, viva karonga. ..

  3. Already you have demoted GVH Mwenitanga for no proper reason and from nowhere you have promoted your own brother Mwakasungula to GVH Mwakasungula.
    The name of Mpeta has been diluted since you were installed as a paramount chief , there is no way those grave diggers can be insulting Mpeta in your own area and you don’t take any action against those chamba smokers people.

    Check your leadership before you wash your hands , Ngonde is not the same since you got installed , we don’t need a person with chains of degrees to be a paramount chief of Ngonde , that is where the Ngonde goofed , customary things are not right and Ngonde is there to regret for good.

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