Pressure keeps mounting on Peter Mutharika to step down

Peter Mutharika

Despite sending a strong message that he is not going to step down, Malawi President Peter Mutharika still faces strong and incessant calls to consider leaving the office for what activists and opposition dub ‘failure to rule the nation.’

Among other things, Mutharika is being accused of ignoring advice from critics and instead railing at them.

Recently, he sparkled the wrath of the media, activists and opposition when he reportedly picked a bloated delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in  the US.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Facing an uproar.

But Mutharika has been turning hi ire on the critics and has remained adamant that he did not take the said 115 people along with him to the US as media has reported.

But yesterday, vocal Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), led by Centre for Human Rights (CHRR) boss Timothy Mtambo tore Mutharika apart by trashing his anger while refusing to be silenced with the threats the Malawi

Mtambo has described the President’s recent loss of emotions as “un-presidential and worrisome”.

Mtambo faulted Mutharika for being “too emotional and hostile” describing his outbursts and table banging as a flagship of an emerging autocrat.

“The president lacked decorum in his unguarded emotions as well as insensitive and irregular remarks towards his critics. The sole purpose of his flare was to threaten his critics to stop holding him to account. This is a flagship of an emerging autocrat and it is very worrisome after the country has long-achieved democracy.

“The public is interested to know why, amidst the country’s prevailing economic doldrums, the president took a costly volume of delegation to the Assembly,” Mtambo said.

On the other hand, the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) has warned that Mutharika may be becoming a dictator when he does not listen to his critics and then only intimidate them.

Church and Society of the Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central African Presbyterian said during a press conference yesterday that Mutharika “was inciting violence” in his reaction to reports that he took ‘a village’ of 115 delegates to the US for the UN General Assembly which resulted in government wasting over K2 billion of public funds.

Mtambo: Drilled the Malawi leader with other activists.

The Church warned that the country is likely to experience another bloodshed like one that occurred in 2011 should the president continue with his authoritative rule.

“President Peter Mutharika adopted hostile approach last week that should not come from a president leading a democratic nation. He showed signs of being a dictator like his late brother, Bingu with the use of words like ‘nonsense’ and the banging of the table. He was inciting violence by fueling anger among members of the public that could lead to violent protests. We should not experience another July 20 bloodshed” warned the Church.

In the same vein opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) publicist, Jessie Kabwila told Malawi’24‘s Happy Soko last week that there was no need for the opposition to be threatened and hinted that the Malawi leader has failed Malawians and such needs to quit from the post, he has since claimed he will contest for in the next polls in 2019.

Spokesperson, Jessie Kabwila demanding her to apologize to the nation for what he termed as ‘lies’, before he also railed at the media.

However, during a press conference on Saturday, Kabwila maintained the party would not apologize to Mutharika and that the only good thing he (Mutharika) could do now is to tell Malawians the truth of the matter and not threaten anyone else.

“We will never apologize to the President in fact he is the one who should apologize for the pain inflicted on Malawians by spending millions of Kwachas for this year UN meeting and yet hospitals have no scanners,” Kabwila said.

Mutharika has also been accused of falling to start a probe into an  alleged 577 billion Kwacha ‘Cashgate’ that occurred between 2009 and 2012, a development which analysts believe is meant to hide his late brother and President Bingu wa Mutharika.

299 thoughts on “Pressure keeps mounting on Peter Mutharika to step down

  1. Inu munthu amalephera kuyendetsa unduna wazamaphunziro nthawi ya mchimwene wake nde angayendetse dziko? Amalawi somtymz try to open ur eyez wide en c

  2. Am agree this man need to step down even his vice all just imagine chilima have no history about politics’ but some one is taking him be his vice in order just steel the hote to be president.peter cant try to fire chilima coz at the end all secret they did on election will become true that chilima use his knowledge to stealing the votes.lets blv mawu a Lucius banda dziko ili chuma chizalowa pasi tikazasitha boma chifukwa lizachoka boma litaba ndalama ngati mene inachitila congress,osusa ndi olamula be united kuti dzithu ziyende bwino.kupanda apo aaaa kaya.

  3. Akulu inu a pitala leadership ndi maphunziro ndi zinthu zwri zoxiyana ..Paddy Junior Red Oxadanda God z, n he is always in control

  4. stupid things always goes around to stupid people, zoona onse akhale oipa uyu achoke uyu achoke mpaka liti ?? Tizingosalirabe mbuyo maiko ena akunka chisogolo ngati mukufuna tiyeni nkhondo apo biiiiiih kakolopeni nyanja, mwapenga kapena?????.

  5. Don’t hunt what u can’t kill! APM is still n position.Why still murmuring for stupid issues? dont u hav other plans?

  6. Whether the pressure is mounting or not,its a long time malawians start thinking critically on how our country can move out of this economic mess.Politicians come and go but malawi as a country does not come and go.It is still there with most of its citizens still poor.We need to conduct soul searching and see really where we are wrong as one people one nation.

  7. I thnk half population of malawi politicias are not sober minded,thy do thnk this country is a laboratory where they can test thy minds&inabilities.Mind u politicians when enough is enough u’ll find the country so boring this’z ur time our turn will stat in heaven

  8. A Lazarus Chakwera ngati mukugona tulo kungoyendayenda pakati pomwe chipani chanu chili kale ndi chikoka osapitapita ku mwera ndi kumpoto, ndiye kuti mwayambana kale kuzibera mavoti.

    Know this Dr Chakwera, there is no MCP in the South and there is 50%+ MCP in the north and 50%-5% DPP in the north.

    If you don’t sell your self this time around in the two latter regions, then forget about making it in 2019. Mark my words.

    I don’t think you have the right kind of advisors or you are a demigod that you don’t take the right advice.

    Understand Malawi’s political landscape. Don’t rely on western political theories, the don’t apply to our politics here.

    Advice from a plebian. Kkkkkmkkkk.

  9. opposition mcp and other civil society organisations find it easy to penetrate into the arther peter mutharikas administration coz of the weakness of its spokesperson jappie mhango….my only advise to apm is to shift jappie and bring back madala madala dada Dausi..I love ddp..I love apm..I love malawi…lets all work together to build malawi !!!!

  10. Amalawi tisayembekezele kuti munthu angabwele pankhomo pathu mkuzatukulapo ngati ife ainiyake sitigwila tokha tchito molimbika muziwafunsa mabwana mukuwawona lelowa analimbikila kugwila tchito lelo ndiamene tikuwacha mabwana koma ife tikufuna tisamagwire tchito koma tizingolandila zingatheke? ngakhale mau amulungu amanena kuti osagwila tchito asadye ndiye inu zokuti muzingolandilaza mukuzitenga kuti?nanga nditsogoleli uti muthazamuyamikile? nanga kodi thawi yazisakho ija munali kuti?mumaleka kuyimila inuyo kuti zithu ziziyenda bwino,ndiye mukumalakhula dala zachipogwe kumulakulila tsogoleri akayakha mukuti walakwisa koma muzingonyoza iye asayakhe,koma chomwe mungaziwe iyonso ndimunthu ngati inu ali ndimagazinso ngati inu koma ufulu wakumalawi wafika paumbuli,komanso chomwe mungaziwe ndichokuti palibe tsogoleri amene angazabwele anthu onse ndikumuyamikila zikukanikana mulungu wolenga dziko anthu ndikumalimba mtima ndikumamunyoza chimene mungaziwe olo muli tsogoleri inuyo mukunyozanu nanunso anthu azakunyozani,tiyeni amalawi tiphunzile kulemekezana tokhatokha osati kumakonda kulemekeza anthu obwela,tithengele chisadzo chamaiko adzathu amalemekezana okhaokha osati obwela.

  11. Professor is here to stay up to 2024 woo! Individuals, Cso’s and who ever not happy with him are free to seek asylum or re-allocate their operations elsewhere.

  12. Mbuli Iwe, U Was Already A Millionaire Wen U Waz Coming Hea. So What? We Gat Nothng 2 Du Wit Ur Useless Money. Afta All JB Waz 10 Tymz Reacher Dan U And Yet She Waznt Preaching Abt Her Money As U Du. U Hv Failed 2 Rule Mr APM And U Jst Wnt 2 Divert Our Minds And Gv U Attention. APM U R A Failure I Knw U. During Ur Brothers Era, Thea Was No Ministerial Position Dat U Managed It Successfully. The Tym Ur Was Minister Of Education Thea Waz Chaos At Ministry Ov Education, Chanco Waz Closed For 10 Mnth, Ur Brother Also Pointed U As A Minister Ov Justice, Dea Was Strike At De Judiciary, U Failed Again Mr President And Later, Ur Was Apointed As A Minister Ov Fallen Affairs, Our Relationship With Other Countries Got Sour. Am Nw Nt Surprised 2 C U Failing 2 Manage Dis Small Country Mr. U R A Failure.

  13. stepping down of APM wont make this nation rich like SA,neither will the opposition get in government nor bring fresh elections.

  14. Ver true,th man is a COMPLETE FAILURE.HE MUST GO.It is not a point of voting here,but failure,we hv bn LET DOWN wth his INCOMPETENCY.

  15. Kodi udindo wanu inu otsutsa boma ndi chani?? Kutsutsa boma sikuchotsa mtsogoleri koma kukonza mwa zina zomwe boma likulephera. Kodi nanga kulephera kwa boma kwake kuti?? Zina mwa zinthu zomwe mungazione ku dera kwanu monga inu mphungu (Mp) Ngakhale muli otsutsa mukuyenera kutengapo mbali …Akati kutsutsa si kuchotsa president pa mpando koma kumuuza nzeru popeza mutu umodzi suseza denga. THANK YOU!

  16. oh!u r feelin’ his pressure?then u must b something i don’t even know…anyapala mukuvutika2,kumangokhalira kuipitsa AMALAWI anzanu bas…? hmm.

  17. Atule pansi udindo koma akangokupatsani chibanzi kumakhala kuli ziiii simumvekanso!!!!! Astana inu kaya ndimaluzi izonso mzanu mukuona ngati kulamula dziko ndimasewera eti?

  18. Zimene mukafuna athu kopon muwona yafika pa3500zimene mukafuna koma tidakazuzika athu away sakumarawi ndi a Ku Zimbabwe tsono muwona mavuto arlpo guys poponya mavot simuwona mukana m,,zimay mukut amakodza chotan’gadza mudqrakwa u vota athu muziwona

  19. peter lm not ur suporter ,but take it chita nawo asewele yaku America u r ordy amillionaire but u nid 2 top up,ndani amakana ma units ochepa opasidwa mwa ulere koma alinawo mu 4n hahaha!

  20. Osangodikira 2019 Bwanji? Apa Ndiye Zangowonetseratu Kuti Mcp Ikuwopa Chisankho,chifukwatu 2019 Dpp Inyenyanyenya Zipani Zonse.

  21. Ukayenda uzisiya phazi mulomo umatsata nkhondo ya mau simatha ,apulezident phuma .otsutsa befu , ma NGO Bp muonana mmene zithere uku ndikuyamba ,kulamulila anthu kumafunika kuleza mtima .Apa mosabisa tsogolo la Malawi lilipangozi .otsutsa samafuna kugwila ntchito ndi boma,Naloso boma silifuna kuva zawoutsutsa ,Dumbo,nkhaza, kusowa chikondi zakuta dziko lathu

  22. Kodi pathawi yomwe tikavota makape anu azeruo adali kuti nde pano mwaona zayamba kutheka mukuyasama chani ana a njoka inu asiyeni my dad APM alamulile mwatendele mwava mwandikwana ndinukha mang’inatu iyaaa manyaxi bwaaaa (DPP woyeeeeee chipani cha fuko) tionanaso 2019 no chance mwava…….

  23. kodi zimenezi zikuchitikira ku malawi 24 ko kapena ku zodiak zomwe mumayankhula kapena kulemba si zomwe anthu pa ground akunena ndie popeza mwadya ndalama.m

  24. andale inu a malawi 24 kodi munthuyu ndi oyipa 100 persent? Nanga ndi boma lili lidalamula popanda kuzuzulidwa? sibwino kumapatsa ulemu munthu akamwalira,ena inu olo mutayima ngati candidate oyamba kukukanani ndi abale anu.

  25. Kodi inu munakhala bwanj amalawi kuphatikiza inu otsutsa boma mmalo moti mugwire ntchito limodzi ndi boma basi mukuti achoke APM,why,and this country malawi without donors kutipatsa chithandizo dziko lathu la malawi silingayende bwino coz tidazolowera kupempha mmalo moti tizizipezela tokha,,i cant blame APM coz mbuli zina zinaba ndalama za boma ndikuzilemeretsa okha,nde inu mkumadana ndi peter,,or mukut chakwera yo sangakwanise kut lamulira ife coz iyexo abwela ndizolakwika zake,tiyen amalawi tonse tigwire ntchito limodzi ndi boma lathu kut tithe kutukula dziko lathu inuxo utsutsa boma osamangoyankhula ngat mulibe ubongo mwamva,ife tili pambuyo pa apm basi

  26. Wat these CSOs r demanding cannot happen in Malawi just know dat. A President cant resign voluntarily here that is a fact and you cant force him/ her to resign thats unconstitutional/ treason. If he may resign, the VP may take over, we will be still under DPP leadership, we dont have a provision in our constitution of holding fresh election. If you think the resignation of the incumbent will pave an automatic way for your favourites forget. If you have solutions to the current problems present them thru proper channels other than social media otherwise wait 2019 ngati mutadzawine.

  27. Achoke kumene he is doing nothing.

    He is already rich akasamale chuma chakecho basi .
    After all we don’t need the most educated presidents now .
    We want presidents that can bring social amenities like good hospitals , good roads , good education and portable water .
    What will it profit us if we have the most educated presidents but 90% of our population is wallowing in poverty ?

  28. sometimes u just curse yoselves, kumalalata, kutukwana, this world belongs to God, instead of talking to God to save us from whatever problems we r facing mukungoyakhula, if all u can do is express anger here, lemme give u a better option that will save u from kuchimwa ,’stay quite. if u think u can save this country by yoself ndikuyakhula mosakhala bwinoku, God will not intervene , i know malawi as a God fearing country. what r we getting from destructive comments.

  29. Afisi amenewa alibe manyazi,akuyiwala zoti HE APM anamunamizira treason. Komanso greencard kuti ipangidwe provoke they thought they worn the fight. Koma zachisoni nzoti anagwa chagada. Lero ali kunja akungoliralira ngati kankhuku ka chitopa leave APM alone! kabibeni.

  30. Amalawi chiyani? Kodi wa bwino mukufuna akhale wotani? Musiyeni Peter alamulire mwa mtendere yanu nthawi idzakwana Ngati kunalembedwa kuti mudzakhala president just wait time of God.

  31. Ku China amatolera Mame (Dew) kumathilira mbewu anthu kumalima mbewu chaka chose kumalawi misinje yosaphwa mumangosamba ng’ona kuma3la aile-my life is longing for a leader who will assure me that my tangerines , tomatoes, and all my farm produce will not rot no matter how abundance they may be.

  32. Kumalawi kwanuko pankholo pano. Malo mothandizana nzeru bizy kudana osutsawo nde akwanitsa ?? Kodi is that man of God so called chakwera still exist?? He can’t run the government! Neva! Stupid journalists of Malawi exaggerating too much!

  33. Ku Malawi kumeneko tiyeni tizindikire kuti palibe plesident adzakhale 100%, chitsime chimawoneka kuya kwake chikaphwa.

  34. pressure yakuti?ya hule jessie kabwira ndani?kapena ya mcp?osamatinamiza inu a malawi 24.nanu ndinu a mcp…your stories so biased.makape

  35. I think we are lacking leaders with visions and principles built on biblical foundation. Since the bible touches all aspects of life in all avenues, be it government leadership, family, institutions even oneself and the way you relate with other people, etc. Due to this failure, let’s just pray for our leaders everyday that they should develop the heart of acceptance, to us all, let’s advise them accordingly and amicably cz abusive languages doesn’t change anything but brings anger and hatred. Thank you

  36. If he steps down then who will take over.Why dont you wait up to 2019 if you can really manage to move him out of office.Fuck those civil society for they got illuminatic ambitions which cant work in this country.

  37. Vuto la amalawi ngati uliwotsutsa udzakhalabe wotsutsa mpaka kalekale wether the government does a good thing or not you still oppose….the opposition parties and civil societies are misleading Malawians

  38. President wophunzira kwambiri salamulira bwino dziko chifukwa amadziona wa nzeru kuposa aliyense (kamuzu, bingu, peter) koma ophunzira pang’ono amachita mantha kotero amamva zonena za anthu (bakili, joyce)

  39. Resign for what purposes? bullsheet, leave my Presdent alone, Malawians too much jealouses and don’t forget that. we given him a mandate to lead us for 5 years, so i beg you, to give peace a chance.

  40. In Malawi, everyone has the right to be angry except the president. In Malawi, everyone wants the president to tolerate criticism but no-one wants to be criticized by the president. When a president criticizes anyone he is a dictator. When the president is quite, he is not in control and is a puppet. When the president speaks to clarify issues, he is a dictator. Opposition political presidents addressing rallies every weekend is acceptable. Elections are too far away, therefore the state president should not be addressing political rallies. The media should not be criticized even when it spreads lies. The media has the right to lie. Life in Malawi, cry for my beloved country.

  41. Sindikukhulupilira ngati peter atasiya udindo kuzapezeka wina oti musanene kanthu ai amabungwe mumafuna presd oti muzimulamula ndalama wakupasani wakupasani koma opanda kutere ndiye achoke achoke tonse tikuziwa kuti dziko lathuli ndi lovutika ndiye mukuganiza kuti ife azitenga kuti ndalama zoti akwanise kusithila dzikoli

  42. Apitilize basi ,mukampeza kuti munthu wa 100% kapenena inu nomwe2. Tikanena za M.C,P it was before , maliro akatuluka myumba sabwerela, So DPP just keep on gowing

  43. mukunamatu mukuona ngati kutula upulezident amangotula ngati ndowa yamadzi ameneitu mpaka 2019 mpaka tidzamuvotelanso mpaka 2024 zimunyase adzilume kunsana

  44. It seems dat Malawians wil never learn from the past. Ask undule( now a born again) if his noise brought any impact on the 2014 tripatite elections. Zambians are also facing the same economic challenges but they are jointly tackling the issue. They shortly had national prayers.

  45. Nde tinene kut kupanda Bingu kumwalira akanamaliza 5yrz yake,nde APM ndikusankhidwa Bingu ali moyo zikanakhala bwanji,ngat munayamba ali mp kut anamuitanitsa ndicholinga chot amusiile udindo,ma rabsh wat!!!!!! pageyi itseken ikutidanitsa

  46. ngati angatule udindo nde mukuganiza kuti wabwino angalowe mmalo mwake ndani? mukasutasuta chamba ndeno muzibwela ndimaganizo ompusa AMMMGAAAAALUUUUUUU!

  47. Ndinanena kale ine kuti kuyendetsa boma siphada, zimafunika kuleza mtima monga tate wa dziko, onani pano mwayamba kutitchalenja kuti munali kale milliyoneya pomwe mumabwera kuno ku Malawi ! Inee shaaaaaaaaa, mpaka pamenepo, president wadziko kuyankha chonchi zoona, ifetu sitifune chuma chanu bwana koma timaona ngati mulindinzeru zoyendera dziko kuti mwina nafe mzaka zochepa tingakhale nga America, inde nanga siii by yoti inu munali mtchona ku Marica abale inu kodi? Koma inu mwayambaso kugeya mwano kwa mabwana anu ife amene tinakuikani pa ufumu umenewo zoona, ayi bwana timakumapasani ulemuu ife, nanunso tibwezereni ulemu, mphamvu tinakupatsani kale, inde bwana wathu, malire amphumvu zanu amoneka mutsika pa mpando tinakuikaniponi uwo. Ife pano kwathu mkulira mokweza inde mobangula , tipuwomboleni bwana, fodya ndi uyo anachita kulanda,mlimi pano moyo ukuwawa.koma kuyendetsa dziko naonadi kulibe kuti uyu ndi professor nanji upro . Wa law ndiye worse akulemphera mpoyambira pamene, pano chaka chikutha our economy is contuing getting worse, aaa my APM , personally ndimakunyadirani.

    1. In Malawi, everyone has the right to be angry except the president. In Malawi, everyone wants the president to tolerate criticism but no-one wants to be criticized by the president. When a president criticizes anyone he is a dictator. When the president is quite, he is not in control and is a puppet. When the president speaks to clarify issues, he is a dictator. Opposition political presidents addressing rallies every weekend is acceptable. Elections are too far away, therefore the state president should not be addressing political rallies. The media should not be criticized even when it spreads lies. The media has the right to lie. Life in Malawi, cry for my beloved country.

    2. hope for a better malawi!hope for a better future!infact many from egypt didn’t like mosses decision to vacate egypt for thee promissed land!they never wntd a change in life becose they felt like to take meat and bread its only after a wheep on your back.they forgot that god was the master planner.what if malawi can wait?let us embrace for a good malawi!with APM,malawi is on the road to change from worse to the best!dpp woyeeee!

  48. inu chomwe mumatha ndikuwawata basi. mwina nthawiyanu yakwana chisankho chisanafike musankhe odzakuimiliran 2019.sizorowela pawindox ayi!!!.banja laphokoso chitukuko sichikhalapo nkhondo simanga mudzi tasithani plz!!!!.

  49. Lame arguments from stupid pple. Each prezdent mumati achoke, why?? Inuyo amabungwe bwanji ngati muli ndi mzeru zoyendetsera dziko bwanj simumapikisana pa mpando wa u przdnt kut anthu akuvoteleni?? We got problems yes bt to ask przdnt to stepdwn its nt a solution. Don’t tek Malawians for granted bcz pple hv got prblems to fix and nt to go for demonstration. As a Malawian, am tired of u pple wth ur stupid organisations

  50. agalu inu mwatikwana mumalo mumusiya munthu alamulire mwatendele koma muli busy kumukozela xenophobia,ngati mukuona kuti akulakwisa penapake muthandizeni zeru monga tonse amalawi!!even mutatenda udindo agalu inu simungakoze mavuto onse president pamalawi pano anali Bingu yekha

  51. Mitu yanu,mukufuna kuzetsa ziwawa pa malawi inu.Inuyo mungathe kulamula or kutsogolera dziko,akukukanikani mabanja anu.Mulibe mzeru,msanje,kaduka.Mapazi aambwiyanu agalu inu.

    1. Ndipo moya!!!Amangozimva akamati ku Rwanda,sudan,mali,Egypt,Russia,syria,ukrane,Libya-etc.zinayamba chomchi.kuzuzulana mkwabwino kma umaona kachitidwe kake,uku ndikopanda ndondomeko coz of powerhungray.Imagine lost your beloved one:suppose whoever:coz of ——-!and at ze end achieve nothing.Lets wait time.

  52. Ine sindinamve mtsogoleri wa dziko atagonja ngati abwanawa omanena pamodzi ndi nduna ya zachuma kuti Malawi ili khwa kwa kwa kapena kuti midede

  53. Zi2 zasthd khuyu zody akulu*2 zayamb kupota ana chmen muklmban sndkuchwona mukunglimban zi2 zopnda pak mukugans kt mkangano ungasove zi2 munamvoter nokha ntchto zak smumkazzwa?tyen naz ndzomwe mumkafuna

  54. The president has our mandate to rule us. Who gave the stupid CSOs the mandate to speak for us? He will not step down. Sizingatheke.

  55. Amene akuti president atule pansi udindo pansi andibwezele kaye vote yanga amabungwe mwayambapo instead of the help the goverment u talk nosense but remember that waz happen 20july amene akutumani akupwetekesani lev him for 5 years mabungwe achani kukhalilamo kuba mabungwemu

  56. yayimuna yakanika kukoka ngolo, ndikuuzani mayi uja akanakhala kuti alipobe pano tikuimba lokoma amalawi. short sighted malawians

  57. Amalawi tiyeni tigwire ntchito ndi boma posatengera zipani za ndale not mapokoso all the time,ukuganiza kuti president angamatigule ufa?tigwire ntchito molimbika not zopusa zonyoza bomazo.I will support any rulling party in Malawi.

    1. And what if the government doesn’t create jobs for the people where do you think, people will work and get money for a living, I thought you would say government is creating more jobs and people are lazy to work, how many people are qualified from universities with quality degrees but the never get employed, devaluation of Malawian kwacha, no any development of proper infrastructure and many things are not going well in our country, so do you think that all of us can keep quite and watch while the government is misleading the nation, I hope it has been long since Malawian presidents compromises to there people, and I believe it’s time to hold government accountable, I don’t oppose your thoughts but if things doesn’t go well we have to show our concern to the government so that they should do something, always fear makes people to be the failures in everyday life, let’s speak out our voices so that we can be heard, remember when you speak you educate people with your voice that brings change to everyone’s heart and understanding, but if you keep quite nothing else will change and it has to begin with you inside, otherwise the government will keep fooling the people of the nation, government has to take full responsibility of transforming the country but not only people exercise the change by themselves alone and if it is so what is the use of having government in the country? And we Malawians we are very soft, when it comes for voting and that’s why will keep crying for the rest of our life, I believe in accountability and transparency of the government which begins with the leaders up there in executive branch and if they all thieves, what will you expect from people who voted for them, happy or anger? The results will be violence because leaders doesn’t value the votes for there people that’s it.

    2. Atilembe ntchito kuti mabvuto enawa tiziziwonera tokha. Kukhala 2 yrs kumadikira boma litilembe ntchito zooona ! Kupita ku pvt zosayendabe mmmmhhh ngati zamuvuta angotuladi , chikakula umapatuka .

    3. Kondowe ur right but i think we cannot change anything unless we vote,on top of than, upcoming president will face the same fate.The past 3 leaderships has uprooted more.Tikanalira.

  58. kwaine dziko kathulili bwino koma ndipepha zithuizi (1) kusisa feteleza … malata …and zamuma gurosale azanga nanu kambanipo zanu zomwe mkuona not zothura wupulezideti.

  59. Mwanamizanapo apa inu ma CSO.Ifenso tatopa nanu nkuyankhula kopanda nako chochitika,inunso zanu mukudya nokha apa mukungofuna kutchuka kuti tiziti ndinu olimba mitima koma ayi ndithu za ziiiiii!

  60. Politicians r full of lies with false promises they are after money, to satisfy their stomach nt to help malawians….. Foolish leaders

  61. waste of time instead of building the country, you are busy attacking each other, where in africa have seen a president religuishing power easily, .

  62. poor minded malawians: Kamuzu= achoke dictactor, Bakili= achoke wakuba,osaphunzira, Bingu= achoke dictator,no fuel, Joyce= achoke global tour, Peter= achoke alibe nzeru!!! kodi munali kuti m’mene anthuwa amasankhidwa? kodi mumafuna kuwoneka anzeru kapena kutchuka?you all know where he stay osangopita komweko kukamatulutsa mnyumbamo bwanji?mmmxxxx!!

    1. Morons!!!! Malawi alemela bwanji with irrational pple in front of this stupid ideas,achoke bambo ako mnyumbamo,ngati ulibe kachose kumandako,U morons

  63. Mukati tsopano ,Malawi uja wafika posaukisisa mukuthandauza chiyane?Ndiliti anali wolemela?.Ameneyo asiye udindo wamukanka,kusauka tinazolowela,Malawi sazatheka.

  64. zamasiku otsiriza izi,kozani moyo wanu since judgement z near.amene mukwafunawo azakukhaulisaniso,tidanyoza JB mwa mtima bii koma lero ma comparizons okhawo n APM yu bwaa?.shut up mw24!! mufuna muyambanixe anthu,leave APM alone mesa tnamvotera tokha.

  65. alibe nzeru za utsogoleri anangopeza kothawira milndu ya cashgate,bola anzathu a DPPmukdya naye koma anthu wambafe nde ndi mavuto southern region zikuyenda

  66. Kuvoter tinavota ndife,ndiye mukati presha ikuchoka kwamene anavota?kapena munafusa akumudzi amene anavota za nkhani yanuyi?amalawi ndale zomwe mukupanga nzokomera inutu basi.tiyeni tigwile naye ntchito peter kufikila ndimene ichose peter pa mpando osati ma call ee presha ndiye chani.

  67. Basi zakuvutani Abambo,,,,,Koma zomvesa chisoni ndi zakuti,,,kulephela kukwanilitsa olo chimodzi pa zomwe munalonjeza,,,Mukhala oyamba inu,,,Bola anzanu amayesetsa kupanga olo chomodziiiii

  68. Hehede! Zili ku Malawi, how can the whole president keeps blaming others, akhalira yomweyo up 2019 no tangible Development. Ukuti u r millionaire nanga bwanji osalibweleka boma ndalama, ask Hon Jumbe during his time IMF inakwiya koma anayesesa to bring back the economy when Muluzi was president, kodi matchonanu munali muli kuti? What you are claiming is a lie, you r Big lier Malawians are watching you, a thief

    1. Ufumu ngati siukukondweretsa mulungu , mulungu mwini amauchotsa . Never think God is deaf that he cant hear the cries of the poor .

    2. makape muisova dpp ikulamula pansi pamitima yanunso umboni mulinawo!nyozani khathazani koma dziwani pa malawi palibe chipani choposela dpp izi nde otsutsawonso sangatsutse!

  69. Leadership ain’t easy, every1 tries to do the best as far as he is a leader. Munthalika is doing his best giv him somtym. As 4 opposition leaders, oppose constructively not destructively

    1. utsogoleri omaphweka ukakhala kwa nzako inuyo amene mukuumiriza president kuti achite step down singathenso kulamula dzikoli wayamba liti ntchito kuti muchuluke zokamba

  70. U vote for him n now u want him to step down,kaya zanu konko kumalawiko.kamuzu,muluzi,Bingu,joyce n now is Peter but ppl still crying for agud leadership,wabwino azakhala ndani.NYASALAND

  71. Kd news imenei kungacere nkhani yaku nyumba ya boma,tamakambaniko nkhani nzina,kusowa cholemba,ngakhale mukulemba koma chikusintha ndi ciani

  72. Ngakhale patachitika chisankho lero mukuti mpe mpe mpenu simungawine. Remember tinavota ma million aanthu so mukudewezanu mulipo less than 500, fools

  73. Mubvi oyang’anila umalasa mmanso akuluwa zoti angakonze dziko ndimmene anayambilamu izo tiiwale. Ndipo five years ndiyayikulu kwambili. Koma bvuto ndilakuti mkuluyu 60% inamukana pachisankho ataona kuti mwaiyeyo mulibe utsogoleli. Ndichifuwa anthu komanso mabungwe ochuluka akuti atuluke muoffece, ndiye ndikukhulupilila kuti zanveka bwino. Koma nkhani sikudana ndi president ayi koma kuyang’ana tsogolo la dzikoli.

    1. muchotsa angat? angalamule opanda mistake ndan ndimudziwe ine wangwiloyo. mind you Hadwel In Malawi, everyone has the right to be angry except the president. In Malawi, everyone wants the president to tolerate criticism but no-one wants to be criticized by the president. When a president criticizes anyone he is a dictator. When the president is quite, he is not in control and is a puppet. When the president speaks to clarify issues, he is a dictator. Opposition political presidents addressing rallies every weekend is acceptable. Elections are too far away, therefore the state president should not be addressing political rallies. The media should not be criticized even when it spreads lies. The media has the right to lie. Life in Malawi, cry for my beloved country.

  74. kod akatula pasi atalamulire, ozachosa mavuto anu onse ndani? komaso muziwe kuti palibe mtsogoleri amene azakuikilen chakudya pa tebulo you poor pipo, komaso palibe msogoleri amene azapange zabwino zotse zimene mukufuna, ngati simumuyamikira bingu amene analitukulako ziko lanthuli nde who is APM amene wakhala pa udindo chaka chimozi ndi mwezi inayi

  75. kod akatula pasi atalamulire, ozachosa mavuto anu onse ndani? komaso muziwe kuti palibe mtsogoleri amene azakuikilen chakudya pa tebulo you poor pipo, komaso palibe msogoleri amene azapange zabwino zotse zimene mukufuna, ngati simumuyamikira bingu amene analitukulako ziko lanthuli nde who is APM amene wakhala pa udindo chaka chimozi ndi mwezi inayi

  76. Inu ma CSO ndi anzanuwo pano ndiye mwasowa zochita & mulibe nzeru, simukuwona kuti zomwe mukufunazo sizingatheke? Mukakhuta nandolo m’makwanumo mumangobwebweta zinthu zosatheka ngati izo. Inu mudikire 2019 mwina muzayambire pamenepo. Ndipo inu mukamapanga zanuzo mumati mukuyimira anthu, anthu ake mumanena ndani poti simumachita consult anthu mukuwanenawo. Mwinatu mukangolembetsa muyambe chipani chanu tiwone ngati muzavoteredwe.

  77. let’s be united and work together so that we may develop our nation,time is flying our kids will laugh at us that during our time we never do enough interms of changing our country

  78. Nosense+foolishness, who else do you think can rule the Nation of Malawi more than Muthalika without 40% from Donnas? 5years contract is not over! A Malawi tisakhale ngati Fisi pomusatira munthu akuganiza kuti agwetsa manja ake ndiye iye atola nkudya, Ayi nzosatheka!!! Muthalika Sangatule pansi udindo! Ngati Pierre Nkuluzinza akakamira mpaka amusankhanso!! Mumanama!!!!

    1. Simzasiyadi kuwombera manja mfiti eti wa malawi mngala bwanji mzakalira wena. Pitala? Pitala wachani imwe wanthu walira mpamene imwe mkondwera na chipuwa ichi.

    2. who calls a leader with that name?
      As a God fearing nation, why can’t we just call upon God to see what he has to say instead of insulting and debating things that wont get us anywhere

    3. Atumbuka musamuophyeze nzanuyo,nayenso ali mmalawi ndipo he’s trying to put sense in ur empty tins head . there’s destructive criticism and constructive criticism, dnt just argue give solutions ,coz to say the truth stepping down is not even on the list.

    4. The problem there is a lot savages, greedy,jealous,selfish people. The president can’t just step down as if akutsika panjinga pamakhala mavuto ooophya,u must expect deaths, hunger,seperation with ur families and yet amene akupusitsanio amakhala zisakuwakhudza inu mukuvutika

  79. i dont talk politics because am not a politician but i have to talk now bcoz am tired hearing this kind of nosense, step down step donw what, so if he steps down who will take over..? Maybe Chakwera? No, this man is very indecisive he intialy chosen by God to spread some good news but later he quite and join front line politics so if he fails to deliver in politicts where is he going to run to..? I thick APM needs some time to change things if you are not comfortable with that then just hold your petience and wait a little longer up to 2019 general election to vote him out of power but for now stop this nosense and start thinking of ways of how to deal with vitual poverty which many malawians are now rotting in it…,OKAY!

    1. Some one may wonder to see chakwera on issues to do with Peter. Again u need to understand that peter was a teacher but he left it and join politicts.

    2. aliyense adasiya ntchito yake kuyamba ndale nde don’t point finger @ chakwera coz he is not de 1 who is forcing APM to step down so don’t hate brov chakwera & its not a problem to quit ministering 4 politics its his choice ngati wakanika atule basi Mbeke anapanga bwanji ifenso

  80. Pangani chiganizo choti zinthu zikonzeke osati step down mukhalepo ndinu? No president can please every citizen or CSOs nor NGOs nzosatheka Just find strategies to put things right.


  82. After failing to run our economy and uplift the suffering majority of Malawians from unspeakable poverty, the only and most honourable thing the state president can do is to resign than wait for the country completely capsize in the current economic turmoil.

  83. nsanje,kaduka.basi..we wl neva dvlp bcz of dis ..the current problems dat our country x facn cn nt b deafted wth 1 person..even u can empechee de presdnt the stuation wl remain de same ..what x needed x uniformity apo bii olo ulamulilowu mutawapasa a chakwera kaya ndani olo amabungwewo sakwanisa ..amalawi opusa inu..muzifa imfa yowawa

  84. uraisi umemshinda lazima aondoke!! if is not capable he should give room for others. Malawi is big with many who have leadership skills. sitingasowe President pitala atasiya udindo pansi.

    1. wanthu wenango niopwalala. muziba noziba uyu nikawalala muli pambuyo kukokheleza kugona too much. muziendako muzaziba mufuna mpaka avule pagulu then mukulupilile kuti muntu Sali mishe? ungangale ozindikila but usogoleli ulie. niwangati badandaula palieve. mabungwe sanakambe kuti Njila yomwe anatenga ya zachuma yamene anasata sienze mushe siwanavomele? vinthu ngati sivilimushe nikukamba not kumangoshusha vilivonse mwanvela bakamba

  85. olamula boma ndi otsutsa boma nonse mulibe nzeru
    mmalo mwakuti mudzithandizana kutukula dziko lino mukungokangana nkhani zosapindula. mumafuna ife tizikhala tikumvesera zauchitsiru zanuzo?
    daily tidzingomva mukulimbana?nonse ndinu dzitsiru?simungathandize anthu ayi? mxeeew!

  86. let’s be united and work together so that we may develop our nation,time is flying our kids will laugh at us that during our time we never do enough interms of changing our country

  87. I am not a lomwe but musiyeni Peter amalize 5 yrs yake… Mesa kodi munasankha nokha za Multiparty? And mumadikira ma general election after every 5 yrs?

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