Typhoid hits Livingstonia


health-alert-stopimageThere are raised fears among people living in Livingstonia in Malawi’s Rumphi district amid reports that the area has been hit by typhoid.

According to one of the clinic officers at Livingstonia hospital who asked for anonymity, at least 13 people have been admitted at the hospital with signs and symptoms of the disease.

The officer said starting from last week, the hospital has been receiving patients from different locations who were both complaining of body pain, vomiting, stomache and fever.

He said upon being medically examined, it was was found that the patients were suffering from typhoid.

Out of the 13 it has been established that, five of them are from Mwachikwezya village, Traditional Authority Mwaluweni.

Typhoid is a an infection that is caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria that is associated with some red spot on the chest, abdomen and severe intestine irritation.



  1. Petro has taken all rhe money to UN summit leaving no money in the country to buy medicines and prphets are fake healers. Where is our refuge?

    1. From my basic knowledge of livingstonia hospital, i do not think they have the necessary materials to successfully carry out blood cultures. But i believe they send samples to central labs for detailed analyses.

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