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By October 3, 2015

As the way of responding to looming food crisis that hit Malawi, UK has promised to help hundreds of thousands of the poorest people in the country including children facing malnutrition.

Jen Marshall

Marshall confirmed the development.

Head of UK’s Department of International Development DFID Malawi, Jen Marshall announced this yesterday in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe saying they will release 8.75bn Kwacha (10m GBP, 15m USD) of UKAid to respond to the current food insecurity in the country.

The new funding will mean that the World Food Programme (WFP) can deliver emergency food packages including basic rations of maize and nutrient-rich cereals for over 700,000 people; A Save the Children-led consortium can provide small cash transfers to over 450,000 people to buy basic food supplies for their families at food markets, helping stimulate local maize and other food markets, and WFP and UNICEF can provide s


  1. Thanks Davie mphaya and Lufai Chrispin for suporting my comment.

  2. Alex Harry says:

    amalawi mwatani kodi? chilichonse kuti chitheke pakhale kaye nzungu,nchifukwa azungu amati nyoza ati tinachokera ku nyani,munthu wakuda olo akhale ndi ma degree kuposa nzungu komabe wa nzelu amakhala nzungu,

  3. gud move!!

  4. We will never grow eishhhh, they taught us how to fish but we have failed. Malawi @51 shame, failing to make use of fisp mmmmm

  5. Help for something inside. now adays there iz nothing for mahala akufuna kenakake mudzaona kutsongolo kuno

  6. Stop relying on these stupid british

  7. Indeed We Are Poor But We don’t Need Derty Rights when Helping Us.

  8. Thats wat you want lookiing for donor fund so ucan enrich yourself and friends in crime.

  9. Thanks UK

  10. Nut Pliz Dont Giv These Dpp Guys Cash Jst Bring Food N Distribute Urslf These P Doesnt Care About The Suffering Of Malawians On The Ground

  11. Kudya Kulipo eeti? zikomo azungu bola musaperekeponso ma condition ena ovuta aja

  12. Help us .

  13. We dont condone handouts! this has to be put on record

  14. Timadalila thandizo lazungu osati apatumbo andalewa ayi

  15. Mulungu dalisani malawi mdani wa malawi ndi mmalawi

  16. This is good news to us. Our government has a lot of areas to work on right now. We need more support if any is still available out there.

  17. To Distribution Of Money To The Villega Is Not Solution Argenest Huger It Raise The Prise Of Maize Is High Which Means Poor Can Not Orphar To Buy , Bets Way To Buy Maize From Other Coutry.

  18. Your suport is more than welcome coz people are seriously starving in malawi.A brother indeed is the one that helps you when you are in trouble.

  19. UK please please we are suffering because of some silly selfish leaders come back to a local man and kids we can go to chineese people but how long will they. suppert us inthe end we will be ripped off of our resources and the little forex we have !

  20. thank u so much

  21. Azungu osazatithanzizaso atsogoleli akuno kuMalawi ndiwozikonda even uyo uyo! Ife osauka tikungosaukilabe! Olemela akungolemelabee

  22. Good gesture,good move brilliant move

  23. Zabwino zikamachitika ma comment 5, zoyipa mmmm 200 hee supit presdent must resign ena kuyamba kuchitilapo kampeni popo kkk koma a malawi sitizatheka 4 lyf kkkk

  24. Kaya zanu izo

  25. Ena akule mimba ndizimenezi tsopano.

  26. Ena akule mimba ndizimenezi tsopano.

  27. Bt will central & northern regions benefit from dat?

  28. Mgaiwa for the poorest!But somebody will become a millionaire out it

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