Lake Malawi swallows two children


Two children have died after drowning in Lake Malawi, Malawi24 has learnt.

Police suggest that the pair died after they botched to swim through the Mwera waves that characterized the water body this fateful day.

Police publicist for Nkhatabay, Ignatius Esau has since identified the two as Siyabonga Manda, 12 and a five year old Joseph Ndovie, both from T/A zilakoma in the district.

DrowningEsau has been telling this paper that information at hand shows that the two went to swim despite them being novices in the practice.

In course of swimming one was swept by the strong waves which dominated the water body while the other succumbed to the water after efforts to go swimming proved complex in the dip waters.

After parents were notified on the incident they reported to police who urgently followed up and found their bodies in the water.

Hospital results proved that they died due to suffocation.

Police has since urged parents to take care of their children to avoid the recurring of such incidences in the district.



  1. stupidy 8 up to forn 4 without money no education primaly and secondary.

  2. I guess that buddy who said “stupid to Peter and his Dpp Govt”, never understand what’s written or just said it out of anger.unless he wants them to have life guards.according to how I understand the life near and around the lake shows parents are not to blame.

  3. May their soul rest in peace,sorry to Mr lake side manda.

    1. My problem is that they look more proud in reporting the issue and its as if they are praising the lake yet it is a sorrowful story.

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