Thug robs money at a Catholic Church in Mzimba


Malawi police in Mzimba district have launched a man hunt on an unknown thug who is suspected to have stolen over MK1 million from St Paul’s catholic parish in the district.

Malawi24 understands that one parish senior official by the name Francis Jere in company of the accountant received the money from Christians in different zones across Mzimba.

It is assumed that because the two got the money at a time when all banks were closed, they failed to deposit it thus they locked the cash in Mr. Jere’s drawer with hopes that they will do so the next day.

crime (2)Just moments after they went home, the hunted thug broke into the office and went away with the cash.

When Mr. Jere went to report for duties the next morning, he found his office broken and the drawer was unlocked.

He reported the incident to police.

Police publicist for the district constable Gabriel Chiona has since confirmed the incident with promises that a man hunt on the thug has already been launched.

In related development, two men are in police cells for being supposed on an offence of conspiracy to commit felony of selling an albino child.

Police have since identified the two as Lusungu Sele, 30 and a 33 year old Christopher Kumwenda.

It is detailed that the later has an albino step child whom he advertised to his friend, Lusungu.

After Lusungu was satisfied with the trade terms he told his friend to make the child ready the next day.

However after his friend cracked the news to his wife, who is the biological mother to the albino child, she got angry and reported the issue to police.

After the pair learnt that their deal was revealed to the law enforcers, they went hiding until earlier this week when they were ripped off.

They have since been charged with conspiracy to commit felony which goes centrally to section 404 of the country’s penal code.

The offence attracts a penalty of not less than seven years imprisonment with hard labor.

Meanwhile the police have claimed that the pair will appear in court to answer such charges anytime soon.

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  1. Kufunika kupemphera molimbika tikapedzana ndi zobvuta ngati izi. Bola kupemphera kwa Mulungu osati Mariya.

  2. U hav now feel the pain. Christian teachings cannot reduce robbery but taming robbers. Lets follow sharia laws.

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