Mzuzu based Facebook diva nuts African celebrities

Facebook Malawi

Hilarious exposure has emerged that a Malawian Facebook diva (real name withheld) based in the Malawi’s Mzuzu city has entirely confused African celebrities with her google sourced sexy profile pictures, Malawi24 has been told.

Shedding more light on the issue on Thursday, the diva revealed that she crafted an account on Facebook to corner African celebrities who loves social network love affairs.

The student nurse at Mzuzu University thought that celebrities are the most steadfast agents in spreading HIV in the world as they use their fame to find what they want as regards sex life. A lifestyle she said is worthy exposure if HIV is to really be fought against.

Facebook“I hatched such an idea after what I saw at a certain social weekend which was spiced by music by local musicians. They did things that portrayed their behavior of sex addiction,” said the diva, adding “I began adding local artists and with the photos I upload daily most of them couldn’t resist but propose to me. They are a lot of them I will compile and give you their names so that you publish them.”

FacebookAcross Africa, she revealed that a number of urban music songbirds are as well nut about her that some send her money sometimes. She claimed that one artist (name withheld) from Nigeria has since promised to marry her come December this year.

“From Nigeria, I receive compliments from almost many musicians and footballers. In south Africa just like in Ghana, Zambia and Botswana I can’t even mention all the celebrities who love girls,” confessed the diva.

So far she has about 50 local celebrities and 15 from across Africa such that texts do not stop raining in her inbox. Though this publication has seen names of such promiscuous celebs it is not comfortable to publish any presently as the diva has promised to offer them anytime soon.

The diva confessed that she stopped buying airtime way back because Malawian celebrities do that on her behalf. In that case when asked if the publication of the names will affect the pouring of airtime, she maintained that so long as her user name will not be published, nothing will change.

“Nothing will happen, what I want is to expose them so that they must know and be alert because so far they are easily carried away,” said the diva.

The coming in of social media, especially Facebook and other instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, has seen a growth of cyber dating which some people have said is one of the factors behind rapid spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.



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