Peoples Party mum on Ken Kandodo switch to MCP


Former governing Peoples Party (PP) has remained silent on recent media claims that Ken Kandodo has left the party for Malawi congress party (MCP).


PP Publicist Ken Msonda in an interview with Malawi24 could neither confirm nor deny the development but only advised to wait for some time.

“These are just rumours and unfounded allegations let us wait until we cross that bridge” said Msonda.

He further said they are not surprised with people who joined the party during PP’s two years administration rejoining their former parties since it is not only a sin but also exercising their constitutional right to freedom of association.

“PP accommodated members from other political parties during our two years administration for national building to bail out our country then from economic, social and political meltdown” he added.

He said their only aim was to work together with people who matter in Malawian politics to help them in achieving the party’s goal and turned out to be successful.

Meanwhile there are reports that Kandodo will be unveiled today at Mtunthama ground in Kasungu by MCP leader Lazarous Chakwera.

Kandodo was once a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  member of parliament and minister of Finance in 2009 and joined PP in 2012 after the death of Bingu wa Mutharika



  1. I think its time for this old politicians to go! Inunso a mcp masamanyoze ife a pp inu munawina chisankho eeee? Ndankhulupilila mau a hon kalua kuti fisi ndi fisi basi…..,olo mutamuchotsa phiri ili kupita naye ku phiri lina ndi fisi, anthu a pa central region mumadzisankha agaulu inu, ine ndi wa pp koma if am given a chance to support other party i can go for udf or dpp azanga akumwela osati agalu inu

    1. that’s why akumpoto akufuna tigawane dzikoli anthu akumwela umbava kwambiri,kukondela pa chitukuko,why mumaphatikiza ndale ndi mtundu kmso dvt agogo aja tawona zawavuta akukanika kuyendetsa malawi

  2. Welcome back,mwana olowelera..the true son of Kasungu,enawa seriously palibe chomwe akuchitapo despite being proffesors…

  3. Hon. kandodo made a grave mistake, MCP would ve been ruling if he had made up his mind b4 general elections!!!!! too late for tears

  4. Ma comenti anuwo ndi aboza ine ndinamva kuchokera kwa bwana BJ kuti andalewa whenevr they are reacting to certain situation do nt blame them coz to them politics z their office,they earn a living through that.eee ndale ndi ntchito mukufuna azisafara!

  5. Inu nanga munthu wamzeru zake angamatsalire ku pp mkumataniko nanu? kkkkkkk ngati mwini anayambisayo adathawa? kaja kanali kagulu chabe ka anthu okuba.

  6. This is political stacatto and it everything is total disarray and we cannot condone this polical unprocedural manouvouring kkkkk #dausi accent

  7. Rubbish,foolish politicians,changing parties like Food Menu,is that nation development,? Why do you force us to eat Politics? Stupid.Thus why we say all greedy politicians frm UDF DPP PP who have been in politics for 10yrs must sit down.These r the pple who have made malawi and malawians poor.They are beneficiaries of the 577bn cashgate.Study them closely,they are nt development conscious but Greedy for money and Kandodo is just an example.above all Kandodo is nt a politician

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