JB, Mutharika clash in the US

Peter Mutharika

…Mutharika says JB behind Malawi’s economic crisis

Malawi President Peter Mutharika clashed with his predecessor, Joyce Banda, who is also in the United States but attending a First Ladies Forum on Education.

Peter MutharikaWhile addressing  members of the Council for Foreign Relation, Mutharika told the gathering that his predecessor did not have people’s mandate during her two years she was in power. He stated that since Mrs. Banda did not pass through the ballot to be elected, she therefore was not a legitimate president when she was in power.

Mr. Mutharika, who has come under fire for disregarding the country’s economic crisis by taking a swamp of bootlickers to join him at the UN spending over K2.5 billion on accommodation and transport, said despite Malawi having had 5 presidents, only four were truly legitimate. He counted his brother Bingu, Kamuzu Banda, Bakili Muluzi and himself.

Joyce Banda, who was Bingu’s deputy, became president following the death of the latter on 5 April in 2012. It was alleged that the incumbent ganged up with his Democratic Progressive cronies then to bar Mrs. Banda from ascending into power as stipulated by the Malawi Constitution. The arrest of Peter Mutharika for treason followed when she was sworn in.

While shrugging off claims that he is politically persecuting his predecessor, Mutharika told the gathering that his arrest was made of trumped up charges.

“I have no intention to persecute her for political reasons, I went through very difficult situations when I was imprisoned on tramped up charges so I don’t want anybody to go through the same things,” said Mutharika who continued to attack Joyce Banda, accusing the latter of being behind the current economic crisis.

He said the origins of the current recession can be traced to the cashgate scandal that forced donors to cut off aid when it emerged that government and political party officials as well as other business people had stolen billions of public funds.

Mrs. Banda came head on with Mutharika’s better half, Gertrude Mutharika at the First Ladies Forum where the ex-leader was invited as a guest.



  1. Cry Beloved Malawi.
    Burn MEC warehouse. Afraid of recount.
    Burn market when business goes low.
    Burn offices to conceal stolen cash.
    Cheat malawian, you will get Lake Malawi.
    Civil servants receive “change”. Solution: No salary increase, suck them. Ridiculous!
    Hunger solution: Increase price for subsidy ferts, Don’t give seed. AISOVA MMPHAWI.
    Better without a president than having an “inverted one”


  3. Iwe Ibu pobwera kumeneko unguleko mano wamva 2.5billion ndi yambiri imene wakaononga kumeneko, ngati sungura manowo ndalama zanthu ubwerenazo.

  4. Mai Watani?Paja Simugona Tulo Ndi A Mayi Eti?Zaziii!

  5. Nkhondo iyoo! Malawians are for Chichewa. Za angerezi kuvuta. I think thre’s no problem wth the word “clash”.

  6. When Was Ritchad Banda, Ahusband To Joyce Banda Bcame Prezident& For Which Country? Musamaletu Olemba Nkhani Inu Mumangoona Ngati Ndife Mbuli? My Rubish!!! Opposite

  7. inu ndopusa mmangolemba zopepela,,mutharika presdent apita bwanj kunsonkhano wama1st lady,,?JB president opuma apta bwanj kunsonkhano wama1st lady,,?kupoila kwanuko page yanui mungoipanga deactivate mmatnyasa smunaneneko zoona mwatitola yet,,

  8. Peter should remain there, if JB is there tell her that Malawi is looking forward to her sound leadership osati tili nazo panozi.

  9. Peter should remain if JB is there tell her that Malawi is looking forward to her sound osati tili nazo panozi.

  10. Stupid reporting. Where is JB in this pic? U owez fabricate stories u idiots. Is JB a first lady?

  11. Dont be comfused wth the modern English “clash”

    koma nde Eeee zochitisa Manyasi…..i salute you the white pipo for not demostrating your anger towards Malawi even though we Disrespected you and Called you EUROPEAN STUPID.

  12. EY PEOPLE, You meet someone unless(where) you have an intention to and with the consent of the party you’re to meet while clash. happens when and where you hadn’t agree to meet, something like coincidence!Thats why the word is solidly suitable to use here!!! Sometimes in Journalism For you to creat Curiosity in readers you have to use more interesting words, graphics, illustration s Etc just to make the information carrying message pass!!!!

  13. Kamuzu panja ananene kuti matiparty ndinkhondo ndiye osadabwa guys coz ndizimene tinasankha kale ndiye zisiyeni.

  14. Fake story, one akuti clash, two akuti JB attending first ladies meeting is JB a first lady where? How? When? Mlw 24 ndi mbuzi

    1. she was the guest of honour at the first ladies meeting

  15. onse jb epeter ndimbala zilibwino akambilane za doll za amalawi

  16. Malawi 24 always u misslead pple what z ua aim do u hav skled and profshno journalists ? meet nd crash r 2 totaly diferent words now u r malawi 30 u hav dropd with places down the ladder

  17. Kodi mukamangonyinyirika kuti JB ndi amene anawononga chuma m’Malawi muno,inu mukupanga chani? Muli phee kwinaku mukuba nanunso,sichoncho? I can see the OPC is the only govt.arm whch is having a better living,who else? My Malawi!

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  19. Let them to start a fight there we see who will win the battle becoz they dont like each other infact tell them not to come here becoz both are theives.

  20. Clash/Crash actually means meeting with conflict. The rest of the text in the article does not seem to reflect that.

    1. lol she is attending a First Ladies Forum. doesnt mean she has to be the lady herself … u can find men working with FAWEMA.. but they aint women

    2. 2 different things here according to the definition of forum,its a platform where views or issues concerning ‘a particular’ issue is debated or presented.Keyword being ‘particular’,this means the issues presented are not general but particular to first ladies,so am wondering how does such issues concern ex presidents??Just expressing my opinion here,not stepping on anybody’s toes

    3. @Diana,Cause she’s one of the Most influential women in the world,position 3 for your own information, She’s therefore worthwhile to help these ladies in Straightening there Logos!!!!!#Diana it’s not target but invitation to treat!!!!

    4. #shadreck Johnson u’ve bin misinformed,Jb is not even on the top hundred of influential women that was 2 years ago,Jb is a thief,fool and most of all she’s not in America.do ur research….arguable.

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