Malawi Govt risks losing millions of Kwacha

Goodall Gondwe and Peter Mutharika

Malawi government is at risk of paying compensation money for its decision to withdraw nurses it had recently recruited without providing valid reasons.

According to former president of Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU) Elia Kamphinda Banda, government will lose money if the withdrawn nurses take legal action.

Goodall Gondwe and Peter Mutharika
What is wrong? Finance Minister seems as asking President Pete Mutharika. (File)

“Government should prepare losing a lot of money to these nurses, because there are some things that were attached like letters of appointment, what was remaining were terms and conditions.  If they are to seek legal actions, they are likely to be compensated” said Banda.

Banda further condemned government for failing to deploy nurses arguing that the health sector will have challenges due to the development.

“Because government has failed to deploy these nurses, the private sector will try to employ these nurses but that means we are going to have substandard health services due to lack of nurses in our hospitals and health centers,” said Banda.

Meanwhile executive director for Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) Martha Kwataine said they will engage government to reverse its decision.

““We are not letting this happen; we have met and will meet again to make sure that the decision is reversed. It’s the treasury that said there is no funding. Why should there be funding for a United Nations (UN) trip and no funding for health workers? ” questioned Kwataine.

Malawi government has withdrawn newly recruited nurses with diploma’s and degrees citing financial challenges that have rocked the treasury.



  1. Better in min of health there are grey matter. In education undeployed trs r failing to mobilise themselves against gvt decision in delaying employ them.

  2. koma guys!chocho ma nurses akavaya kunja kuka worker muzidandaulaso,fanz yambiri ndiyi yomwe skulu itawakanike coz of higher costs of livin en fees. akayamba kumatibela nde ndizingowakomola tokha coz u as a government,u hv failed them

  3. mr president dont forget that your brother died in alocal hospital,you can fire the nurses here thinking that you wil fly to one military hospital

  4. It’s really true Mr u think kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ana athu aphuzila big OK i think another solution tiyakuti tigawane ndalama zomwe zasalazo chifukwa iwowa ayiba kwambili ukutibwaji big man Radson

  5. kkkkkkkkkkk yes Mr Victor coz everything here is high I hope selling Malawi will also be expensive as a result we will have enough money individually

  6. Ndizowona koma tikagawana tikagula malo mayiku Awathu kkkkkkkkkkk kusegulaso business i think Mr Radson u hve a good idea timugulise tu

  7. Boma la anthu ankhanza ili.Ndiye kenaka aziti ogwira ntchito za chipatala akuchepa,kodi ku bomako mumagzniza za anthu amene ankuvoterani?Mwationjeza

  8. Stupid gaffment of course!!! But point of correction; we DONT COMPENSATE ANYONE WHOSE CONTRACT HAS BEEN TERMINATED WHILE ON PROBATION-refer to Employment Act section 26 of 2000!


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