Mmbelwa V criticised over speech

Mmbelwa V

Malawi Ngoni paramount chief Inkosi ya makosi M’mbelwa V has been criticized for making a speech which some people suggests castigated opposition political parties in the country.

Malawi24 understands that last Saturday the paramount chief attended the installation of Inkosi Jalavikuwa at Luzi headquarters. In his speech he advised the new chief to prioritize working with the government of the day rather than the opposition for the development of his area.

Mmbelwa V
Mmbelwa V criticized.

He went on to advise the youthful chief to be careful when working with old people because they can spoil him.

The event was graced by Mzimba Hora legislator Christopher Mzomera Ngwira of Peoples Party (PP) and other officials from opposition parties like Malawi Congress Party (MCP), United Democratic Front (UDF) and AFORD.

Some supporters of opposition political parties at the event said it is a habit of the M’mbelwas to snub opposition parties and favor government of the day.

“Can he straight away urge his friend to consider prioritizing government of the day, so what about some of us who hate the same, will there be peace in such a kingdom? I think he could have just said something about good working relations, not that,’’ said Tombozgani Zimba who supports PP.

George Ngwira for MCP said: “He says so because he receives benefits from government. We are just sorry to learn that he has adopted his father’s traits of castigating opposition parties and asking junior chiefs to follow suit,” said Ngwira.

Inkosi Jalavikuwa II was installed after some delays which the district commissioner Thomas Chirwa claimed to be technical. Chirwa however expressed gratitude’s that his office has never experienced any wrangles connected to the chieftaincy.

He further advised the chief to be honest and corrupt free while being friendly to his subjects so that they develop his area.

“Development begins with you so you must be honest and corrupt free while being friendly to your subjects,” said Chirwa.



  1. I think it was just a matter of how the inkosi actually said it. However what he said is what chiefs are supposed to be, they work with the govt of the day while accepting that even the opposition are its people…

  2. Gezius Nthenga, Koman Phiri, Maggret Zigwesa, Mayor Manyoza Manda, Catherine Ishimael Zigwesa A chief can not tell people to surpport any ruling party while their party miss leads our Nation. How are learners going 2 be accessed and promoted 2 a next level without national exams. Doest that make sense. This goverment want 2 destroy education. Me i need std 8 gvt exams and form 2. Stop primary xool fees . Or its a way of stealing more? Where is a poor villager going 2 take k3000:00. P/term? While he /she struggles 2 find food 4 a family.

  3. They support the ruling party bt still more u miss govern the nation. U dont think 4 the common people. U ar lavishing the funds of Malawi.

  4. That’s not democracy they have the right to support any party. On that reason a tradition authority has no say neither choose 4 them ,no one can do so

  5. Mmmm Agogo Mwachitika Uli?? Chitukuko Ichi Mukunena Ninchi??
    Ka Mbuluwali/uzeleza Uwu.
    Mwaluwa Kuti Munawana 24 Ngati Newpepa Iyi Mukwaniskenge Fees??
    Tikukhumba Mafumu Yakusambira Itse.

  6. Nde Ku mpoto kumeneko, sizachilendo kkkkkkk chonsecho ndi Mfumu ikukhala ndi anthu a zipani zosiyanasiyana, Malawi mwa dzina lako u r indeed under the malawi a moto

  7. mmmh koma ndie kwavuta mfumu kumakondwela ndi kuchotsedwa ntchito kwa ma nurse,kuchotsa jc kapena tiziti naweso ukufuna a president akutengele ku america apa ukuwapembedza ngat ndi Mulungu

  8. Iziso nde zitiso.I respected ths guy bt now,eeish.Iwe you are paid frm our tax money frm malawians.Kulankhula kwa usiru kotero zimayambisa nkhondo.U must apologise to malawians.

  9. mumukambiyi kuti pathaku paki what development he is toking about kukwela kwa fees kuchosedwa kwa mayeso a8 ndi fom 2 zopusa ine ndiye ayi ndine chiusi

  10. Oppztn yaku America kapna kti umbuli wanu mwaika pa Air sry Mr chief kkkkk,musapuse okulakula plz.mwa talker ngti teenagr bwnji haaa

  11. I would prefer to be out of village for good rather than telling me who to follow simply becoz sindimadya panyumba pakwanu n to hell wth u.

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