Thieves targeting car hire companies

G Moyo, on the run.

A Malawian man based in South Africa is on the run after stealing a car from Anna’s Car Rental, Malawi24 has learnt.

The company has identified the man as Mr G. Moyo of Malawian nationality who disappeared after hiring the car claiming he is in the country to renew his passport which had expired.

The information Annas Car Rental Management has established, Mr. G Moyo hired the vehicle after being directed by a top thief on cars called Milndress Mindress (As of Facebook).

According to Anna’s Car Rental Mr. G Moyo hired a car from company on 4th September, 2015 and was suppose to return it on Sunday the 6th.

Meanwhile call log provided by network providers indicates that the suspect is using a South African number in his phone

Midress directed Moyo.

“He can’t be reached on the contacts provided and is believed to be on the run with the vehicle and having got his call log from network providers, he is using RSA numbers in the phone,” cited Anna’s Car Rental management while appealing for support from the general public in the recovering of the vehicle.

The management further stated to Malawi24 that investigations done through his phone calls shows that he seems to have been in South Africa and Mozambique and effort to contact security offices in both countries are underway.

Contact: +265 881 473 405 if you have any information that might help in the investigations.



  1. uyu wabwelera kwao ku jon panonso anagulitsa kale ali ndi ndalama pa thumba

  2. Free pace of advice be very careful these days some thieves are wolfves wearing ships clothing to look innocent he looks like a gentle man but in side dirt mind.

  3. mindress he is a thief he tried to steal my car in ,2013 but i caught him and his friend Shadreck mhango but malawi police released them thruogh back door. but shadrecks wife she is still jn prison. mindress makes fake blue books, atm cards. He always hard so many atm cards. he is very cool but dangerous.

    1. Why is Shadrecks wife in prisom.. What offence did she commit . Why should she suffer for the crime commited by someone else, the husband..Please can you make me understand what happened..

    1. Madala mwaponyatu pa page yaeni chimenechi. Ngati ndinu mlendo mu yerusalemu afunseni anzanu umo timachitira zoponya ponya zithunzi pa wall. Mwamva ambwiye…

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