UTM Party Officials to convene amidst leadership transition

Saulos Chilima - Lazarus chakwera

Officials of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) are set to gather this Friday for a crucial meeting to chart the course forward following the tragic loss of their leader, Saulos Chilima, in a fatal plane crash on June 10th earlier this year.

UTM spokesperson Felix Njawala confirmed that this upcoming meeting will mark the first formal gathering of party officials since the untimely demise of Saulos Chilima. Among the primary agenda items will be discussions on the future direction of the party in light of this significant leadership transition.

“In addition to reflecting on the loss of our beloved leader, we will be deliberating on various matters crucial to the party’s continuity and effectiveness,” stated Njawala.

Key among the topics to be addressed is the preparation for the party’s upcoming general assembly, which holds pivotal importance for the UTM’s organizational structure and strategy moving forward.

To ensure preparedness and alignment ahead of Friday’s meeting, the party’s Secretary General, Patricia Kaliati, is scheduled to convene with the Deputy Leader, Michael Usi, today. This preparatory session aims to synchronize their perspectives on key issues that will be tabled during the broader gathering of UTM officials.

The meeting comes at a critical juncture for the UTM party, known for its advocacy of progressive policies and substantial contributions to Malawi’s political landscape. The decisions made in the coming days are expected to shape the party’s trajectory and impact its role in national governance and development agendas.

For the latest updates and developments on the UTM party’s deliberations and decisions, stay tuned to authoritative news sources and the party’s official communications channels.


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